New Frontier Pursuit, Moonshiners, today released for Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar has released Moonshiners; a new entrepreneurial spirit that allows players to open their own pirate business.

To unlock the pursuit, players must achieve rank 5 in dealer progression. In the game, Cripps Maggie Fike, an experienced bootlegger running around the Emeralds Ranch, will be introducing new snatchers. From there, players will work with Maggie to build their business and take revenge on those who have wronged her in a series of story missions.

As players work through the story, their modest moonlight cabin turns into a complete operation, equipped with a fully customizable Speakeasy and the option of a country music band entertaining guests.

Aside from the Moonshining business, this update includes Outlaw Pass # 2, the Navy Revolver, new clothing options, and a larger wardrobe.

For more information on Red Dead Redemption 2, see our insightful 5 moments you might have missed, PC impressions, and our perfect 10-review that calls the game “an open world for Western for Eternity.”

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