Gaming New Grindstone update adds new outfit, arrow, and gore...

New Grindstone update adds new outfit, arrow, and gore slider


On Monday, Capy Games released Grindstone’s Valentine’s Day update: spot 1.0.5. To commemorate the season of love, Grindstone’s lead character, Jorj, has a new outfit and arrow to utilize in combat. If utilized to eliminate an enemy, the new arrow for Jorj drops a recovery heart. The outfit casts Jorj as an unnecessarily enthusiast Cupid, who often triggers 2 opponents to arbitrarily emerge in hearts, eliminating them fromplay


Grindstone can be a nasty game, if you’re delicate to the flying entrails of bugs or nasty animals. The new update has more than simply lovey-dovey clothing and weapons. This new Grindstone spot likewise includes a gore slider which lets you turn the flying viscera off. If you have actually constantly desired Grindstone to have more blood and guts, the gore slider likewise lets you increase the game’s nastiness.

In addition to bug repairs, the update likewise adds a mid-level conservingsystem They ought to be able to return to Grindstone without having to reboot the objective if players close the app or need to step away for a bit.

Grindstone is a puzzle game on iOS, and is the breakout star of the Apple Game service, landing at number 36 on our finest 50 games of 2019list


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