Gaming New 'Guardians for Australia' t-shirt offers Fate fans a...

New ‘Guardians for Australia’ t-shirt offers Fate fans a way to donate and get swag


With the bush fires ongoing in Australia, some video game business are putting relief efforts together through purchase of in-game products or video games themselves. Bungie, the designers of Fate 2, are doing one better– an in- and out-of-game reward.

The t-shirt includes the traditional Guardian spaceship flying over some kangaroos on a hot plain– with the Destiny sign on the corner of the t-shirt, seen above. Bungie is offering the t-shirt as a fundraising event for firefighting and animal rescue/conservation efforts in Australia.

Australian wildfire effort

The t-shirts features a redeem code for this cool symbol

Like the majority of Bungie store purchases, the t-shirt includes an in-game emblem called Star Bright (seen above). Generous fans do not need to do anything in-game to buy the t-shirt– like some Destiny items– and can simply acquire it off of Bungie’s shop for $2499 Folks interested in getting the limited-time shirt have from Thursday, Jan. 16 to the early morning of Feb. 18 to pre-order.

Bungie stated half the make money from the shirt go to the NSW Rural Fire Service, with the other half going to WIRES, a wildlife rescue organization. The Australian wildfires in the state of New South Wales have currently ravaged the continent’s coast. Far, the fire has eliminated 28 individuals and an approximated billion animals. The fire initially began due to a huge heat wave, and is still raving on.

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