New Illinois Law Enables Vehicle Home Delivery and Online Sales, Effective January 2024 – Carvana Supports Legislative Changes

Illinois Legislation Supports Vehicle Home Delivery and E-commerce Sales

The state of Illinois has recently passed legislation that supports vehicle home delivery and other e-commerce sales procedures, responding to the needs of modern automotive retailing practices. The legislation, known as Senate Bill 1896, was signed into law by Governor J.B. Pritzker and will take effect on January 1, 2024.

This new law clarifies language in the Illinois Vehicle Code, explicitly stating that licensed vehicle dealers are permitted to conduct sales activities online, including collecting electronic signatures. The legislation was supported by Carvana Co., a leading used-vehicle retailer whose business model heavily relies on online sales and home delivery services.

Importantly, the provisions included in this legislation do not pertain to motor vehicle titling and registration requirements, which were at the center of previous disputes between Carvana and the state of Illinois. In 2022, Carvana’s dealer license was suspended twice by the secretary of state due to registration and titling infractions. However, earlier this year, Carvana reached a settlement with the state, admitting to violating Illinois law and agreeing to new restrictions.

The latest legislation was passed unanimously by both the Illinois state Senate and the state House of Representatives in March and May, respectively. Carvana’s government relations manager, Will Dammann, expressed appreciation for the support from Illinois customers and commended the legislators and the governor for taking action in favor of local consumers.

The bill was initially introduced in the state Senate by state Sen. Patrick Joyce and later sponsored in the state House by state Rep. Anthony DeLuca. The legislation also allows dealers to deliver vehicles to customers at their residences, upon written request. If a vehicle is delivered to an address other than the licensed dealer’s place of business, the date of sale is determined by the vehicle buyer’s signature on the application for vehicle title.

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