New investments in Saudi Arabia recorded a growth of 20% in the second quarter

New investments recorded growth in Saudi Arabia, with an annual increase of 20% for the second quarter of 2021 compared to the same period of the previous year, as the total number of investment licenses issued reached 575 new licenses in the second quarter of 2021, thus recording a new high for the third quarter Respectively, the joint venture with Saudi companies they accounted for the largest share of licenses in the second quarter of the year and obtained 46% of all new licenses.

This came in the “Summer 2021” investment summary report issued by the Ministry of Investments, which covered the most important developments of investors in various sectors, the most important developments in the transport and logistics sector, the presentation of new foreign investment projects, as well as the most important investment opportunities on the “Invest in Saudi “.

The report highlighted the most recent developments in the transport and logistics sector, which is an essential element in the Kingdom’s journey towards achieving Vision 2030, based on the Kingdom’s regional and global role as a link between international trade lines thanks to its strategic position in the center of the three continents and investment opportunities in the transport and logistics sector.

The report touched on investment opportunities in the transport and logistics sector, including: the development of a warehouse complex equipped with a controlled temperature system in the second and third industrial cities of Jeddah and the development of a station for the production of railways and wheels to meet the growing demand for the railway system in the Kingdom, indicating the Kingdom’s distinction in its location The outstanding geography is at the crossroads with the three continents of Asia, Europe and Africa, which gives it strategic advantages, especially at the level of the transport and logistics sector, which leads to easy access to markets.

The report for the second quarter of 2021 referred to investor results, in particular to the conclusion by Saudi Aramco of an infrastructure agreement worth $ 12.4 billion with an international coalition of investors, in addition to the most important investment projects in the sectors of tourism, energy, entertainment, industry and manufacturing, mines and minerals, education and financial services. , food and beverage, healthcare and life sciences, entrepreneurship and innovation, and retail.

The report mentioned the most important developments of mega projects, namely: NEOM and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology enter in a joint project to establish the largest coral garden in the world, NEOM and Tabuk Fish Company sign a memorandum of understanding to develop the largest fish farm in the Middle East and North Africa and the Red Sea Development Company receives With a loan of $ 3.76 billion and the first green credit line called in Saudi riyals, Al-Ula’s master plan offers $ 15 billion in investment opportunities.

The report looked at investment opportunities in the Kingdom, including: a beach resort with a $ 117 million investment in “tourism and quality of life”, a studio for electronic game development with a $ 17 million investment in “information and communication technology,” and a silicon smelter with an investment value of $ 140 million. In the “Mine and Metals” sector.

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