New Leap For UAE Passport

The Emirati passport has again become the most powerful in the world and has received 3 new visa-free points in less than a month, according to Al-Bayan newspaper.

The newspaper reported that an Emirati passport allows its holder to enter 174 countries around the world (119 countries without a visa and 55 countries whose visas can be obtained online or on arrival), which is more than 88% of the world’s countries. world.

It also reduced the number of countries that require a visa to 24 out of 198 countries accredited to the United Nations, according to the latest update of the “passport index” website.

The UAE passport widened the gap between it and the second most powerful passport in the world to 4 points for a free visa, reducing the number of countries that need a visa by 12%.

Prior to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and until early 2020, the UAE passport maintained the world’s number one strength rating globally on the Passport Index website since its rise to number one in early December 2018, and the passport allowed its holder to enter 178 countries. including 118 countries without prior visa, 60 countries with e-visa or on arrival at the airport.

Source: statement