New Mossad chief: Iran will manufacture nuclear weapons with or without an agreement

The new Israeli Mossad leader David Barnea confirmed on Tuesday that Iran is on the way to producing weapons of mass destruction, with or without the auspices of the nuclear deal.

“Iran is working to achieve its nuclear vision under the guise of international protection, as a government spokesman said,” said Barnea, according to a government spokesman.

These statements came hours after the Mossad chief’s replacement ceremony, die took place this morning in which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated that he would not tolerate Iranian threats, even if he did die Friendship with Washington costs.

He said: “The greatest threat to Israel is this die existential threat from Iranian attempts to acquire nuclear weapons. “

He also believed that Iran is different from other countries and that preventing it from acquiring a nuclear weapon is not an option, and stressed that die Carrying out operations against Tehran must continue to thwart its nuclear project.

New Mossad chief: Iran will manufacture nuclear weapons with or without an agreement

David Barnea

Heart of iran

“Whether we are threatening direct destruction through the use of nuclear weapons or threatening ourselves with tens of thousands of nuclear-based missiles, we have to fight these projects endlessly,” he continued.

Yesterday, former Mossad leader Yossi Cohen confirmed that Israel had succeeded in infiltrating the “heart” of Iran. At his farewell party after five years at the helm of the Israeli espionage agency, he added that it had seen a significant expansion of secret measures against Iran.

It is noteworthy that, in addition to its strong rejection of the nuclear deal, Israel has repeatedly reiterated that it is preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

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