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New progress for the Yemeni army in Saada . and heavy losses for the Houthis


Today, Thursday, the Yemeni army announced that it had obtained new advances on the ground in the Safra district of the Saada governorate, the main stronghold of the Houthi coup militia, in the far north of Yemen.

The army forces launched a multi-axis attack in the Safra district, north of Saada, during which they managed to liberate strategic areas amidst enormous human and material losses among the Houthis.

The media The army center also released a video clip of the armed forces from the liberated positions on the al-Safra front.

Additionally, a military source said that army forces, with the effective participation of coalition forces’ artillery in support of legitimacy, have taken control of new sites in the Naqaa front in Safra district, according to the official Yemeni news agency “Saba”.

He explained that the battles have continued since yesterday, Wednesday, on two axes, and have resulted in the Houthi militias suffering loss of life and equipment.

He also added that the National Army forces have launched a qualitative operation to the Houthi sites from the “Aar” and “Al-Hammad Square” areas, as part of a large-scale military operation to clean up all areas of the city. Aar and Al-Naq ‘a militia front.

Interestingly, the coalition-backed Yemeni army is busy in military operations in more than 8 battle axes in the Houthi stronghold of the Saada districts.

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