New revelations from German newspaper on Nord Stream attack

When the issue of the attack on the Nord Stream gas pipeline came back in close up, i media Germans revealed new details.

The newspaper “Die Zeit” showed on Tuesday in a special investigation with German Channel 1 that German investigators found the boat that was used to booby trap the Nord Stream pipeline on the bottom of the Baltic Sea, rented by two Ukrainians from a company based in Poland.

Team of 6 people

However, investigators have not yet found the party that ordered the booby-trapping operation.

Investigations also revealed that the operation was carried out by a team of 6 people, 5 men and a woman, who are the ship’s commander, two divers, two dive assistants and a doctor. These explosives were transported on the chartered steamer.

Sent back without cleaning it properly

As the ship sailed from the port of Rostock, in Germany, September 6, the weapons were transported to the port by truck before that.

Then the vessel was returned without cleaning it properly, which caused investigators to find traces of explosives on it.

Ukrainian commando team

In addition, Western intelligence has informed Europeans that a Ukrainian commando team was responsible for last fall’s bombing, according to the newspaper, which said investigators from the United States, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Germany were participating in the investigation. .

“Die Zeit” has indicated that the investigators do not exclude the possibility that there are prove that Ukraine was deliberately planted, but nothing proves this yet.

Pro-Ukrainian group

This comes after The New York Times reported on Tuesday that new intelligence reviewed by US officials indicates that a pro-Ukrainian group, possibly composed of Ukrainians or Russians, carried out the attack on the Nord Stream gas pipeline last year, but the intelligence has not found any information on it Yet to conclusive results.

However, officials said there weren’t any prove that Zelensky or his top aides were involved in the operation, or that those involved were acting under the direction of a Ukrainian government official, according to Reuters.

“It does not lead to definitive conclusions.”

The newspaper reported that the intelligence review indicated that the perpetrators of the attacks were opponents of Russian President Vladimir Putin, “but did not specify the members of the group, the plan of the operation or who financed it”.

He also added that US officials “refused to disclose the nature of the intelligence information, how it was obtained, or any details about the strength of the prove in they contained. They said it does not lead to any conclusive conclusions.”

Interestingly, NATO and the US described the September 2022 attacks on gas pipelines as an “act of sabotage”, while Moscow blamed the West. Neither side has provided prove.