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New secrets about the Apple Watch


The Apple Watch has a wide range of features and functions, but most of these functions hide behind several options to activate them.

And you can use shortcuts on the Apple Watch, so you can access these features a little faster than usual.

These shortcuts are based on functions that already exist in the watch and you need to activate the shortcut before you can start using it.

Apple watch

Quickly activate silent mode

Voice alerts are useful in many cases, but cause discomfort if you are in meeting and you forgot to put your watch on in silent mode.

You can transform the clock directly in silent mode by covering it only with the palm of your hand without pressing any buttons.

You can activate this feature by going to the watch application on your phone, then choosing the sound and vibration, then activating the choice to turn the watch in silent mode by covering it.

And when you enable this option, you can turn on silent mode in any time directly by covering the clock face.

Wake up the clock inside the last app you used

The Apple Watch has several and various applications that you can use to get more features or read messages and socialize.

But when you put the watch on in suspend or leave it for several minutes without using it, this app closes automatically and then you have to reopen it.

You can activate the option to wake the watch directly in the application you used without having to open it manually.

You can activate this option by following these steps:

• Go to watch settings and then to general settings.
• Next, go to choose the alarm.
• Within this section you will find an option to automatically wake the clock in the last application you used and you can check how long you use the application, whether it is the last two minutes or the last hour.

Using predefined responses on Apple Watch

You can set a series of predefined replies to different messages, then easily choose the reply you want via the clock.

You can use this shortcut to quickly reply to messages or avoid typing and using the screen at all.

To activate this feature, you need to follow these steps:

• Go to the Apple Watch application on your phone, then choose the Messages section.
• In the Messages section, you will find the choice of predefined replies, click on it to check the predefined replies via the Apple Watch and add them as you wish.

The default replies appear directly in front of you when you open the Messages app and choose to reply to the message.

How to use sleep mode on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch can track a lot of information on the way in you sleep, thus helping you sleep better and more comfortably.

But not all users may want to track their sleep via the watch, and you can turn the watch on in a small alarm that shows the time and suggested wake-up time.

You can do this by placing the watch on its side instead of resting it on the top of the screen or the back of the screen.

You can also use the new focus modes in the watch to link this mode with the iPhone in so that the phone also enters in silent mode.

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