New secrets around die Assassination of “Luqman Selim” in Hezbollah’s sphere of influence

Fear in the course of the unrest, the popular movement and the suffocating life crises die Lebanese die Return of the murders and chaos and die Expansion of the security gap, die the country has been an arena of exchange for decades making news and accounting by threatening the killing machine, all those die oppose the politics of the ruling powers, in to hit your mouth in the midst of a crack The state and its fragility.

The assassination of Luqman Salim in an area in the die Hezbollah die Having an iron grip on the security and military level is difficult to achieve in the focus of allegation, or at least suspicion of responsibility, for constantly accusing Luqman of working for Israel, and his supporters attacked his home in the southern suburbs and distributed leaflets, die threatened him with death, documented by the sentence honor the silencer.

Salim’s assassination was approaching die so-called “embassy Shiites” again in the foreground. It’s a nickname that die Hezbollah media in the two thousand and fifteen years against their opponents, politicians, media workers, activists and clergy who have been accused of receiving funds from the US embassy solely for quitting the supportive Shiite environment and for breaking the stereotype of Hezbollah is absolutely loyal to.

The intimidation policy of “Hezbollah” against die growing voices, die resent their continued control, activists, and even journalists die Companions of the political process in Lebanon were not spared. The command, die Suppressing growing political opposition through direct physical liquidation began its new moves with the 2004 assassination attempt on MP and Minister Marwan Hamadeh, who miraculously survived a bombing raid that targeted his convoy and resulted in the death of his escort, Ghazi Abu Karum. It was the first that die Lebanon’s decision to hand over the duality of the Syrian-Iranian project through the gateway to Lebanese Hezbollah, whose blood still testifies to Rafik Hariri.

A special mission team investigated die Murder series in Lebanon, who is responsible and who is the target? What role does Iran play in these attacks? Why are civilians and all those die die Demand independence of the Lebanese decision from the political and religious cloak of Iran, threatened and physically liquidated? Why is die Language of bullets in Lebanon has become a tyrant in order to die To silence mouths?

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