New stabbed die policewoman in Paris. Depressed and defenseless, treated by a psychiatrist

There is also information about the young Tunisian Jamal Korshan (36), the two unarmed French police officers, Stephanie M. (49), at the entrance of a police station in Rambouillet stabbed to death near Paris.

A relative who in who lives in the city of Masaken in central eastern Tunisia, stated that he was “not very religious” but suffered from depression and was being treated by a psychiatrist in France is being persecuted.

Samah, a young woman in in his thirties, told Agence France Presse that Jamal was “from a psychiatrist.” in France is being persecuted for its depression “. He intended to return permanently to Tunisia and was due to arrive yesterday. Saturday.” We are all in shock, we did not understand. “What happened!”

Gamal has an older sister and two brothers, according to his relatives, and returned to Tunisia for the first time since leaving the country in 2009 about a month ago.

He wasn’t very religious

In addition, she expressed her shock at what had happened, stressing that she could not explain what happened and believed that Jamal could only be a “victim”.

“He was easy prey,” she added. “The people took advantage of his precarious situation to drive him to extremism.”

Stray does not eat

She pointed out that he was on his last visit in Tunisia “not in was in good shape. He ran die around and ate or talked just a little. He used to pray, but it stopped at that point. “

His relative Nour al-Din said, “He was a quiet and conservative young man, but I hadn’t met him in a long time,” adding that he was “not very religious”.

It is noteworthy that Jamal’s mother was hospitalized as soon as possible die Family over die News of the attack was informed on Friday.

While die sadness die Enhanced his sister’s features, die refused to talk about what had happened, she was satisfied that they had nothing to say.

It is noteworthy that Jamal in a middle-class family in the suburbs of the city of Masaken in grew up near the tourist center of Sousse (Central East), from which Muhammad Lahij Bouhilal was descended, who carried out a truck attack on July 14, 2016 in Nice, south-east France. The ramming attack at the time, 86 dead. Both had met each other for years before the attacks in France settled.

After graduating as a mechanical engineer, Qureshan traveled to France in 2009. After that he stayed for years in the Paris region, but was unknown to the security services.

Recently he also received residence permits and worked as a driver in Paris.

Parents arrested

His father Salem, now retired at the age of 70, was a construction worker in Nice, France, but used to move between Tunisia and France.

However, the French authorities arrested him after the stabbing incident pending an investigation.

In addition, a fourth suspect was arrested yesterday, Saturday, while counterterrorism investigators question three others to determine the aggressor’s motive.

It is reported that die Police shot the young Tunisian on Friday after he was killed die Policewoman had stabbed.

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