New Telegram Update: You can log in with an unknown number and without a SIM

The Telegram application has announced a new notable update, which aims to improve privacy to protect users.

With the new update, users can now access the app with an anonymous blockchain number via the Fragment platform without the need to use a SIM card.

Through this feature, Telegram aims to protect the privacy of its users by preventing others from knowing the phone number or even looking for them by phone number, according to what was reported by the “Technology News” website.

Also, with the new update, another new feature has been added, i.e., auto-delete all conversations, which allows you to delete all new messages and chats automatically.

You can easily expand the auto-delete settings for any of them by accessing the new menu in Settings, then Privacy & Security. Then select Automatically delete messages.

Interestingly, the Russian Telegram application is one of the instant messaging applications that is focused on user privacy and safety. It was one of the first to offer the function of destroying messages once the other party had read them.

It also has a user base of 700 million monthly active users. A 40% increase over last year.

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