New Trailer And Special Demo For Resident Evil 4 Available Now

The remake of the first Resident Evil game, Resident Evil 4, debuted a new trailer on Thursday as part of the PlayStation State of Play.

Resident Evil 4_

The game’s cinematics and some fresh combat gameplay are shown in the trailer. Players are given a brief overview of the confrontation with Jack Krauser. As well as a minecart ride in the style of Donkey Kong, you can see Majini tentacles advancing on you.

A “secret demo” for Resident Evil 4 and the fresh gameplay trailer was also shown. That day was kept a secret. Last but not least, the game will also have The Mercenaries gaming option. Later this year, it will be made available to players as free post-launch DLC.

Release dates for Resident Evil 4 on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC are March 24. The game is also being worked on for PS VR2, albeit a date has yet to be set for its release.

Resident Evi l 4_

Resident Evil 4 “preserves the core of the original game while incorporating contemporary gameplay and aesthetics,” according to Sony.