New Twitter .. Forbid sharing of personal photos without consent

In conjunction with the appointment of a new CEO, Twitter has allowed ordinary people to request the removal of photos or videos showing them.

This change is intended to prevent harassment or invasion of privacy and includes exceptions for i post shared in the public interest or to add value to public discourse.

Twitter’s security blog announcing the change also said that sharing of media personal information, such as photos or videos, could potentially violate anyone’s privacy and could lead to emotional or physical harm, according to the Arab Technical News Portal.

Inappropriate effect

He added that the abuse of media private individuals can affect everyone, but it can have a disproportionate impact on women, activists, dissidents and members of minorities.

Interestingly, Twitter evaluates complaints, in based on the subject of the photo or video clip, or whoever represents them, in compliance with the Privacy Policy.

The rule is likely to apply to all media of people without the permission of the person or persons photographed.

New Twitter .. Forbid sharing of personal photos without consent

public figures

As is clear, the change does not apply to public figures, a category that usually includes politicians, celebrities and other well-known personalities.

Twitter also takes into account other contexts, in addition to existing rules such as the prohibition of non-consensual sexual images.

The platform can also leave the media present if it is treated by traditional media. Consider whether a particular image and related Tweet text add value to public discourse, are shared for the public good, or are relevant to the community.

The change follows a major upheaval on Twitter, where the company’s longtime CEO Jack Dorsey was replaced by Parag Agrawal, the former chief technology officer.

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