New Update for Biomutant Update 2.05 Patch Notes 1.5.1 Details patch 2.

The biomutant was updated for version 2.05 today on PS4 and 1.5.1 on PC. The full patch Notes for This update you can see it below.

Biomutant recently received a major update which raised the cap level and implemented a number of fixes. The update which was released today is just out for PS4 and PC. This update patches the game for fix the issue with the new game plus the character stuck inside the arc e for adjusting the new game plus menu that did not appear after hitting the game. You can find out the details for This update with the patch notes given below.

Notes on patch update 2.05 of the patch 1.5.1 by Biomutant

June 20 update, hotfix 1.5.1 distributed for PC and PS4:

  1. Fixed issue with NG + characters it could be stuck inside the Ark
  2. Fixed issue with NG + menu option did not appear in the main menu after hitting the game
  3. (PC only) Fixed it wasn’t possible for some users to navigate the quick menus

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