New Update for Details of the patch Destiny 2 Update

Bungie has released a new Destiny 2 update which appears to be a hotfix. You can find out the complete patch notes from here.

Bungie ran the server maintenance today for Destiny 2 and released in small number of fixes for the game as a part of a new patch. You can find out the details on the hotfix below.

Notes on patch Destiny 2 Update



  • Solved and issue where Ludomaniacale emblem did not unlock for players who reset their Gambit infamy level three times.
      • Players affected by the bug will be rewarded retroactively.

city ​​of dreams

  • Solved and issue where the following weapons did not fall though players had previously obtained them:
      • Respect the return
      • despite the tigers
      • Twilight Oath


  • Solved and issue where the One Fell Strike Triumph was marked as incomplete for all players
      • The fix he will grant this Triumph to all players.
      • NOTE: this fix is triggered from a weekly reset, then player will only see the fix the Tuesday following the patch it goes out.



  • Solved and issue where the solstice stasis potentiation was located granting ammunition for weapons on Stasis kills.

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