New Update for Details on the 1.03 update of the patch 2.0.1 by Chivalry 2

Cavalry 2 was updated for version 1.03 patch 2.0.1 today on all platforms. You can find out the complete patch Notes for This update below.

Torn Banner Studios is working on upgrading Cavalry 2 and has released a new set of patch Notes for the game. This update is meant to solve a number of problems while adding some new features that you can see below.

Notes on patch Chivalry 2 2.0.1 Update 1.03

Notes on patch


  • PC – Fixed e issue with online presence was not updating properly which prevented it players from joining and enter in games as a party. For example, if a player is invited to join a party but it’s already in one, you will get a message saying ‘ is already in a party. We expect that more improvements in the next update also.
  • Solved and issue where did the holidays fall? out after a match they ended up and were sent unintentionally back to the main menu
  • Added a visual indicator that someone in a party he cannot be invited to another party
  • PC – If you are in a match and accept a party to invite on PC, you will now be sent to main menu a join the party
  • Solved and issue where a party member was not brought in game with the game leader when using the server browser
  • accepting a party invites while in-game it will no longer cover the logout request with the controls screen
  • The queue the timer will no longer continue counting down if ownership is transferred from party leader after starting a matchmaking session
  • The party the member icon will no longer disappear from the board after being in a party while loading another session by a prior one.
  • Set to party voice playback for use same device exit like game Audio
  • Group members will now see a voice indication in the user interface for themselves and others party members when speaking


  • The Xbox Series S will now play to the 60 frames planned for second!
  • Fixed a problem performance issue where is it player corpses would have a negative impact performance.
  • Improved overall performance during the Lionspire banner stage
  • Fixed some movement fixes that occurred while jumping

Combat / Weapons

  • Throwing damage reduced and twists made slightly slower
  • Sprint attack damage reduced (Particularly for type of cut)
  • Mace made slightly faster
  • The shovel deals a little less damage now
  • Messer Stab damage reduced
  • Reduced players’ ability to drag in significantly backwards before a swing
  • Solved and issue where is it players visually sprinted sideways too in third person.
  • The duration of the active response and the counter now continues for residual maturity if attack it’s fake / transition in heavy attack
  • Attack queue issues fixed, then players now it will be in degree of more successfully start a follow up parry, attack, or hyphen
  • Kick / Jab / Special cooldown is now updated when entering in interruption states
  • Fixed server movement fixes on dodge and jump (caused visual jitter a occur for players)
  • Bandage Kits no longer deal damage to teammates. Friendly archers are better in This already!
  • Solved and issue where is it player it could get stuck with punched and unable to attack after climbing the ladder
  • Solved and issue where to start combat the action immediately after making a VO line did not work. Prepare your provocations!
  • Fixed a bug with the parade with the broadsword where player collision I wouldn’t match their position when their parade was broken
  • Temporarily disabled 1-handed throw to rework i set of animation and make it happen more readable
  • Missing impact added sounds and impact sparks
  • Added a cooldown when using a kick in an attack
  • Solved and issue where to collect? up a damaged constructible would be cause be invulnerable next now that it is positioned


  • Visually fixed the players feet no moving during a jump and when it lands a jump
  • Fixed sprint turn animation not coming in synchronization between clients in third person
  • Fixed animation popping in 1P / 3P during cancellation attack inside another attack
  • Fixed an animation issue that occurred when attacking immediately after Parry recovery
  • Removed the slip that occurred during the attack during strafing forward in third person
  • Fixed the problem with stuck legs in inactive while moving around and fighting
  • Fixed animation freezing after getting hit during a heavy cut feint for jab with a shield
  • Fixed server physics for does not interrupt playing animations
  • Fixed animation stutters with combo with (alt) feint

Crashes / disconnections

  • Fixed a problem with Xbox crash which occurred when resuming from a suspended state (while on Store menu) and when you try to use save data from an Xbox One X console on an Xbox Series S console
  • Fixed a problem with PS4 / PS5 crash which occurred while loading into the tutorial
  • Fixed a problem crash that could occur when going down a ladder
  • Fixed a problem crash during post-game screen transition
  • Fixed issue where Crossbowman may disconnect from the server during regular gameplay


  • Removed various exploits used for equip stuck items
  • Fixed hair that doesn’t fit the characters head sizes
  • Fixed white / gray hair color that couldn’t be equipped. (Malric’s grandmother couldn’t be more excited!)
  • Solved and issue where the female heads go back to being masculine head


  • Added more tickets to the Fighting Pit map. So do what you do best knights, die more!
  • Fixed view issue with large doors in Fighting Pit does not open visually
  • Center removed spawns in Grounds of the FFA tournament for balancing purposes
  • Solved and issue where is it players sometimes the initial was missing spawn to the start of a match


  • Fixed browser server max player the counts are not displayed correctly
  • Fixed issue where the loading screen weapon information doesn’t update on class change
  • Fixed missing voice UI to indicate a party member was talking (talking icon)
  • Fixed various flow problems surrounding the parts (maintenance party been after a match ends, etc.)
  • Fixed various missing localizations


  • Throwing weapon impacts are now using one’s sound tax. now they will sound a little less like an arcade fighter from the 80s game.
  • The commander’s battle cries were made HARDER, they may have drank too much beer before battle
  • Party voice playback now use the same device exit like game Audio
  • Varied audio sound effect mix refinements

Other changes

  • Improved Matchmaking for PlayStation users receiving “matchmaking failed”messages”
  • Solved and issue where is it teams sometimes started overly unbalanced after a trip on the map. The Order will have to find something new way to come out on higher.
  • Done tweaks to the class, global weapon xp requirements
  • Crown prices updated in all regions

List of known issues

Main known issues

  • PC: Friends of the Epic Games Store online the status may not always be accurate e party invites May fail
  • parties made on PCs that go in together in the server browser will only have the party leader enters successfully

Multi-platform parts:

Our team worked to turn to review the possibility of providing the feature of cross-platform parties as quickly as possible possible.

Specific problems of the console:

  • Xbox One: Customization / Weapons Loading in in delay
  • PlayStation: Asia region users with default controls (button O for Enter and X key for Back) makes most of the user interface inaccessible. Exchanging them, in so that X is Enter, in your system settings are a workaround.


  • Players can experience desynchronization in case of a fall off of the push siege ramps
  • The player may sometimes not snap from the initial from spawn (player should stop and start again for fix)
  • Players during the actionable objective phases can teleport briefly

User interface:

  • Alt attack does not reconnect work in particular on Tournament grounds
  • Some players will have global rank 1 appears on the game board despite their rank appearing correctly in pause menu
  • Some keys may not be associated as expected
  • Reattaching some keys will bring up “Stand up” and “Special Object” links use the controller binds


  • The archer’s secondary weapon skin does not apply to the skin in-game
  • Elements available for purchase by default show “New article” notifications


  • Rudhelm Siege – The ramp of the tower could be launched players
  • Dark Forest – The respawn timers may not be accurate

Game panel:

  • Gamepad players he can cry out for battle despite selections from time to time in so many other emotes


  • Heartbeat audio can get in a state between matches where it persists


  • Dx12 VRS can cause visual artifacts on some maps (tournament fields, for example)

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