New Update for Details on the patch of A Hat In Time Update 1.04

A Hat In Time it was updated for version 1.04 today of Gears for Breakfast. Here are the patch Notes for This update that list the bug fixes.

From what we know about this update so far, it is related to an important progression bug that has been reported on reddit. This bug has to do with the new downloadable content which was recently released. He stopped the player from going in attic for the final temporal rift. If you have downloaded the new update, is should to be fixed now.

Here is a comment shared by a reddit user explaining the nature of this bug.

So I downloaded the DLC recently, completed all the new Time Rifts and unlocked on final one at the attic. But the elevator in attic no ‘ work. is just wonnon to go up, no matter what I feel. Within in a level and then back in the spaceship, I left the game, I reset the console, but what just won’t activate. The game always warns me that the Time Rift is up there every time I return. And yes, me also have all 55 Time Pieces required to unlock it area. since I know the console versions have in abundance of glitches and bugs, I was curious if that was the case one and if there is a way for fix it.

This was in a support thread so it seems like the developers I listened to it and fixed the issue.

Notes on patch of A Hat In Time Update 1.04

  • Repair the elevator in attic that does not work for the final Temporal rift in the DLC
  • Various bugs fixes

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