New Update for Details on the patch of MLB The Show 21 update 1.13

MLB The Show 21 was updated for version 1.13 today from Sony San Diego Studio. You can find out the complete patch Notes for this update Here.

Long with fixes to the online head-to-head mode, this patch also solves a issue with Franchise mode and implements some minor bugs fixes. Take the complete details, view the patch Notes below.

Notes on patch of MLB The Show 21 update 1.13


  • Correction for a freeze that could occur after a double switch was made in the bullpen
  • Fixed a bug that would have been display the wrong player in the pause menu
  • Solved and issue that would have cause the home plate referee to ignore a strike call When a runner is stealing home

There are no shots or game balance changes in this update.


  • Fixed a problem crash in Coach mode


  • Fixed a bug that prevented tutorials from being displayed for new players
  • Various camera adjustments made to the scenes in Road to the show

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