New Update for Fortnite Update 3.24 Patch Notes 17.21 Details

Fortnite received a minor patch today slamming the game to version 3.24 and implementing some bugs fixes. Find the changes And patch notes from here.

For the most part, this update should focus on insect fixes and implement others features which were discovered through the datamine of the game File. Get the details on this update with the patch Notes below.

Notes on patch Fortnite update 3.24 17.21

Here are some of the problems that were being worked on on by Epic Games.


  • King James / King James Gear Bundle Appears as “Free” for bundle- owners who completed missions.
  • Some wraps don’t display correctly on the set Show your style.
  • Radio no playing in vehicles.
  • Xbox players it may not be in degree of re-subscribe to the Fortnite crew.
  • Unable to perform Last forever emote.

Battle royal

  • Favorite Item Slot: Chug Cannon moving to wrong slots.
  • Unable to open Cosmic Chest if a player left the team.
  • Impossible to fish while inside some vehicles.
  • Shoot temporarily disabled in Battle workshop.
  • Inflate-A-Bull temporarily disabled in competitive playlists.
  • Cosmic Chest timers can remain on screen if a bounty is stolen.
  • scene objects drive vehicles in irregular way.

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