New Update for Necromunda Hired Gun Update 01.005.000 Details patch

Necromunda Hired Gun was updated for version 01.005.000 today from Focus Home Interactive. Here are the complete patch Notes for This update.

While Focus Home Interactive did not share a list of patch Notes for This new update, they have a list of known issues that were being worked on on for future update. The new patch should I solved some of them of these problems.

Necromunda Hired Gun Update 01.005.000 Notes on the patch


– TO crash it can happen to start of mission 5. Reload the save will be avoid it after.

– The secondary mission “Hunting” on map 10 Tempus Dedra has an inevitable crash.

– If a player performs a takedown on the first Escher too fast, it could block the tutorial and the player must restart the level (rare case / speedrun).

– The game may stutter a little when enemies are generated.

– The Aim Assist controller does not work correctly, the team is working to improve the game comfort with a tampon.


– Decals in-game it may flicker. This is a issue related to the latest NVIDIA drivers. Streumon is working with NVIDIA and Unreal Engine engineers for fix This issue.

– The first the film is not limited to FPS and can provoke a lot of stammers on computer high-end.


– Game performance it could be quite low on some missions, to patch a lot is coming soon to improve them considerably.

– Audio editing language it just works on the first campaign cinematic, the game the audio will remain in English in following.

– The perforation machine passage on mission 4 (Geisterstation) could be in very low graphics resolution.

– The sensitivity of the target is too high by default, we recommend reducing it to 50%.

– The zoom of scopes are not taken in consideration by the cursor sensitivity, making them not really usable in this state. Sara fixed soon.

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