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New Weapons Shipment to Kiev: Moscow Warns of Tensions as Germany Asked for Cruise Missiles

New Weapons in Ukraine Heightening Tensions, Warns Moscow

Russian Spokesman Warns Against New Arms Shipments to Ukraine

Amid continued Western support for Ukraine to push back Russian forces, Moscow has warned that new weapons in Kiev are heightening tensions.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said today, Sunday, in a press release that new arms shipments from the West to Ukrainian forces would lead to an escalation of tension.

Kiev Asked Germany for Cruise Missiles

He added: “We are currently seeing the beginning of a discussion on the supply of missiles with a range of 500 kilometers and more from Germany and France. This is a completely different weapon in terms of quality and will lead to an increase in voltage”, according to TASS.

Ready to Counterattack

In recent weeks, Kiev has stepped up its requests to its Western allies for more military support, in preparing to launch his counterattack. He has already received guarantees of long-range missiles, as well as advanced drones and fighter jets.

About a month ago, Germany supplied the advanced Patriot missile defense system, after training Ukrainian soldiers on it, while Kiev requested cruise missiles.

France has also promised to support the Ukrainians in various ways.

The UK has also pledged to send hundreds of air defense missiles and military drones, as well as Storm Shadow cruise missiles.

However, Western capitals, led by Washington, Paris and others, despite their great support for Kiev, often agree not to target the Russian interior, for fear of an escalation of the conflict. in unimaginable way.


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