New Xbox Development Kit Certified in South Korea: What This Means for Microsoft’s Gaming Strategy

Exciting news from South Korea – a new Xbox development kit has just been certified!

According to Xbox News for Koreans, the dev kit has been approved for use by South Korea’s National Radio Research Agency. It was manufactured in China and Vietnam, with the model number 2089. This new kit follows the certification of the Xbox Series X dev kit (model number 1881) five months before the console’s launch in November 2020.

For those unfamiliar with the process, all electronic devices in Korea must be certified by the National Radio Research Agency to ensure they do not interfere with the radio wave environment. Without this certification, the devices cannot be used in Korea.

Leaked legal documents from last September hinted at Microsoft’s future gaming plans, including a potential launch of an ”adorably all digital” Xbox Series X console codenamed ‘Brooklin’ in November 2024 for $499. However, plans may have since changed.

During a recent business update in January, Xbox president Sarah Bond confirmed that Xbox Series X/S won’t be the last consoles from the company. She teased some exciting hardware announcements coming later this year, promising the largest technical leap in a hardware generation.

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