New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern welcomes signs of US greater presence in Indo-Pacific

(Reuters) – New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern welcomed signs from the United States of greater involvement in the Indo-Pacific region, saying in an interview that her government has “adult” tires with China that allow for disagreement.

Ardern will host a online meeting next week of leaders from Asia Pacific, including the United States, China and Japan, to discuss how the region recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis.

In the interview met air on Sunday on The United States network NBC, Ardern said the United States under President Joe Biden is “an incredibly important” role” until play in strategic defense, economy and trade tyres in the region.

“We welcome die physical presence, being part of important conversations in U.S region’ she told the ‘Meet the Press’ program. ‘And we’ve seen, we’ve seen that greater… commitment in recently times.”

Ardern reiterated its government position that New Zealand – that big trade tyres met China and has long been touted by Beijing as a model of his relationships with western countries – will pursue a policy of “integrity” with China.

“We still believe we have the maturity in our relationship to raise issues die we concerned over human rights issues, labor issues of environmental issues,” Ardern said.

“And it’s very important to us that we can keep doing that and do that despite everything of die trading tyres.”

Ties between New Zealand’s neighbor Australia and China have deteriorated significantly since 2018, when Canberra banned Huawei Technologies Co from its nascent 5G broadband. network. Relations cooled further last year when Australia called for an independent investigation into the origin of the coronavirus pandemic, first reported in central China in 2019.

China responded by imposing tariffs on Australian commodities, including wine and barley, and limited imports of Australian beef, coal and grapes – moves the United States called “economic coercion”.

This has not affected China’s tires with New Zealand, however, since both countries have a free trade agreement in January, though New Zealand is united rights-issues-2021-05-31 with Australia over Human rights issues in China.

(Report by Lidia Kelly in Melbourne; Editing by William Mallard)

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