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Newly discovered wreckage provides clues to the mystery of doomed Malaysian flight MH370.

More than eight years after the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, the discovery of some wreckage indicates that the landing gear failed when the plane crashed into the ocean.

Experts have argued that the landing gear of the missing MH370 flight was lowered, indicating that the pilot may have deliberately pushed the aircraft into the sea in order to quickly sink it.

Pilots usually do not extend their landing gear during an emergency water landing because this increases the chance of the aircraft breaking into several pieces. Experts say it could also increase the chance of the plane sinking quickly, giving survivors less time to get out.

Many theories have been circulated regarding the Malaysia Airlines MH370 passenger plane since its mysterious disappearance on March 8, 2014 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

The most likely theory has to do with pilot Zachary Ahmed Shahand, who says the mysterious crash was a deliberate act of his.

Last month, the landing gear door of a downed Boeing 777 was discovered at the home of a Malagasy fisherman. Experts say it is the first evidence found that a Malaysia Airlines pilot deliberately shot down the plane.

The piece of debris was identified as a Boeing 777 component known as the “trunnion door”. It is possible that the fragment pierced the engines of the decomposing aircraft.

This, according to experts, makes it highly likely that the landing gear was released when the plane crashed into the ocean, according to The Times.

It was only on Monday this week that officials announced the discovery of this crucial piece of evidence, which has already sparked calls for further investigation into the March 8, 2014 disappearance of the plane, as well as the disappearance of 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 people. passengers arriving from 14 different countries. All of them are presumed dead.

Boeing 777 disappeared from radar screens during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The aircraft unexpectedly deviated from its planned flight path and was instead tracked by military radar over the Strait of Malacca before losing contact.

After years of questions about the cause, an analysis by British engineer Richard Godfrey and American Blaine Gibson looking for the wreckage of MH370 found that the plane crashed quickly and with deliberate intent.

He noted: The fact that the damage was from the inside to the outside … leads to the conclusion that the landing gear was strongly extended on impact, which in turn supports the conclusion that the pilot was active for the remainder of the flight. flight. The level of damage, with fractures on all sides, and the extreme force of penetrating directly through the debris element led to the conclusion that the end of the flight was a high-speed dive designed to break the aircraft into as many pieces as possible.”

Newly discovered debris indicates that the pilot lowered the aircraft’s undercarriage before it crashed into the ocean, supporting the theory that the plane was deliberately destroyed.

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The report states: “The combination of a high-speed strike designed to destroy the aircraft and an extended landing gear designed to sink the aircraft as quickly as possible demonstrates a clear intent to cover up evidence of the nature of the accident.”

Pilots generally do not lower their landing gear (undercarriage) if they have to make an emergency water landing, as the extended landing gear will burrow into the water and break contact with the surface, increasing the chance of catastrophic failure as the aircraft slows down.

The landing gear is extended when the controls are unresponsive, and by deliberately extending the landing gear, it is likely that one of the pilots could have caused the fuselage to disintegrate immediately.

9 years after that crash, new parts of the wreckage of the missing #MH370 were recently found in Madagascar by adding more the possibility that captain deliberately turned the plane off course and crashed the plane into the ocean rice.twitter.com/V3QZRiT1pM

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The Times reported that it would also make the aircraft more likely to sink quickly. This would give the survivors limited time to evacuate the aircraft.

Earlier, Godfrey said that pilot Zachary Ahmad Shah intentionally changed the direction and speed of the aircraft in order to “not give a clear idea of ​​where it was heading.”

“In the event of an aircraft sighting, the pilot also avoided giving a clear idea of ​​where it was heading by using a flight path with a number of direction changes,” Godfrey added in a separate report last year.

The latest expert findings add to the theory that one of the pilots was behind the plane’s disappearance. Shah’s friends claim he was “lonely and sad” and believe he has “clinical depression”.

Remarkably, a total of 36 pieces of MH370 were retrieved – many thanks to Gibson. Of these 36 pieces, nineteen were found off the coast of Madagascar.

The newest part, the boarding door, is similar to those used on Boeing 777s, according to The Times.

A fisherman named Tatali — the owner of a find in 2017 near his home on the Antisiraka peninsula in Madagascar — was unaware of the importance of the item, and his wife has been using it for laundry since its discovery.

Source: Daily Mail


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