News and nothing cooler .. WhatsApp introduces the most important and requested functionality

The WhatsApp platform continues to surprise its users, as the instant messaging service owned by Meta Platforms constantly introduces new features.

Perhaps the good news for millions of users today has come by giving them the ability to transfer their chat history, photos, videos and voicemails from Android to iPhone via the Apple application called Move to iOS.

But although it launched as a beta phase starting today, Wednesday, this feature will take about a week to reach all users.

Most sought after feature

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, announced in a statement that Meta added to WhatsApp the ability to pass in securely from phone to phone and transfer chat history, photos, videos and voicemails between Android and iPhone while maintaining end-to-end encryption.

It also believes that this feature is the most important and the most requested. “Last year we launched the ability to switch from iPhone to Android and now we have also added the ability to switch from Android to iPhone,” she said.

Note, however, that this transfer process only works on new iPhones or those that have undergone a factory reset.

You also need Android 5 or later via an Android device and iOS 15.5 via an iPhone.

Here are the steps

To initiate this process, the user needs to open the Switch to iOS app on the Android phone and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

After following the instructions, a code appears on your iPhone. Then the user is asked to enter the code via the Android phone. Then, you need to click Continue and follow the on-screen instructions.

Then it should select WhatsApp on the data transfer screen, then start the process by clicking “Get started with your Android phone”.

Then the user has to wait for WhatsApp to prepare the export data. Once the data is set, the Android phone is disconnected.

Then he has to tap Next to return to the Switch to iOS app. Then, you have to click Continue to transfer the data from your Android phone to your iPhone while waiting for the switch to iOS to confirm the transfer is complete.

Next, you should install the latest version of the chat platform from the App Store and then log in using the same phone number used on the old device. Then click Start to allow the process to complete!

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