Neymar at Chelsea against him!

After the administration of the club of Chelsea sent negative signals to Cristiano Ronaldo’s environment by expressing his refusal to assign the Manchester United striker in the summer market, positive signs have emerged in the last hours against the Parisian star Neymar to succeed the German Timo Werner, whose Returns have not withstood the aspirations of his coach Thomas Tuchel. , which opens wide doors for the administration of Paris Saint-Germain to fulfill his desire to get rid of Neymar and its consequences, despite the player’s adherence to his position to continue with the team, especially since his contract extends until the summer of 2027, which ignites a fascinating negotiation file with unpredictable repercussions, but will be a great support for Chelsea, making them much stronger than they are technically and giving a great addition to the English Premier League to join. part of a great player. The deal seems likely, but it comes as a big surprise to all parties, especially those who believed Neymar would not leave and find a team that would bear the burdens of his salary, before Tuchel gave the via free to the administration until the club Parisian has negotiated, especially after Romelu Lukaku left for Inter, and the coach has decided The German has given up on compatriot Timo Werner, awarded in 2019 for 53 million euros, who scored 23 goals in 89 games in all competitions, and was a reserve in most bouts, which prompted his former team, Leipzig to seek his comeback, and prompted Newcastle to negotiate with Chelsea for his post, which opens the doors to Chelsea to think about assigning Neymar if he agrees to leave, as the management of Al-Biagi wants to get rid of his large salary, which constitutes a financial burden that extends over the next five years. So far the deal is still ambiguous in light of the silence of all interested parties, but time will clarify things a month before the end of the summer transfer period, but the indiscretions of the media English indicate a secret communication between Chelsea and Al-Biaji administrations without Neymar’s knowledge in order not to lose focus and continue preparations For the new season, with an unprecedented seriousness for the player, it has always been in delay with early season training and many away matches in Brazil was injured every time, but in This season he appeared busier when he heard his team wanted to do without him and rely only on Mbappe, Messi and the truly committed players, especially with the entry of the president’s advisor. the Brazilian Leonardo, and the coach Christophe Galtier in place of the Argentine Mauricio Pochettino after a season in which the team won a Scudetto and was eliminated from the Champions League final. Completing the deal will be in Al-Bayasji’s interest because he wants it, and in Chelsea’s interest technically because it makes the team much stronger to face Man City, Liverpool and even Arsenal, and serves the English Premier League, which attracts a illustrious player, and it may be in Neymar’s interest, who gets rid of a team he does not want, and realizes that continuing with him will be tiring, and will leave unmissable problems on the eve of the World Cup finals, that he wants to play with the Brazil in a good mood. As for the failure to transfer from Paris to London, the psychological and moral repercussions on Neymar will be heavy, affecting his return with the team, and the harmony of the group that should be led by a key star named Kylian. Mbappé accompanied by Messi, whose continuation remains economically feasible, and great acceptance by the public. Compared to Neymar, who at the end of last season was subjected to a fierce public and media campaign because of his returns and his behavior. For its part, Chelsea’s technical, media and public environment is not opposed to the idea of ​​Neymar joining the team, but they fear the explosion of the London team’s changing rooms in the event. in which is brought in without wanting to. therefore, and in the presence of other illustrious players in the ranks of the team. Algerian journalist