Neymar posts parts of his conversations with Brazilian players without their permission

Doha: Brazil national soccer star Neymar has posted interviews private with some of his teammates after the Brazil national team was eliminated from the soccer world cup. And through the Instagram application, Neymar posted parts of his dialogues with captain Thiago Silva, Marquinhos and Rodrigo. Neymar, 30, wrote: “Without their permission. So you can see how much we wanted to win the title and how close we were. Neymar is trying to encourage his colleagues after the exit from the quarter-finals of the World Cup in course in Qatar. The Brazilian team lost 2/4 on penalties against the Croatian team, as Marquinhos and Rodrigo missed shots. Neymar didn’t blame the pair, writing to Marquinhos, his Paris Saint-Germain teammate: ‘Penalty shoot-outs won’t change my opinion of you. I’m always with you, you know that. While Neymar wrote to Rodrigo, 21, a Real Madrid player, that he is a star and that one day he will carry the cup in Brazil. (dpa)