Neymar responds to criticism with a photo

Neymar, the star of the Brazilian national team and the club French Paris Saint-Germain, continues to ridicule criticism of her fitness and weight gain before the start of the new season.

Neymar posted a photo on his official Twitter account, revealing the stomach muscles, accompanied by a sarcastic message that read, “The fat man is working”, accompanied by laughing symbols.

Neymar was criticized for neglecting his fitness during the summer holidays after participating in the Copa America, which negatively impacted his first appearance with PSG in this season.

And this was not the first time that Neymar made fun of the criticism of his weight gain, as he said a few days ago, through his account on “Instagram”: “I was wearing smaller size clothes, they are already at my normal weight. , and next time I’ll order a bigger size ”, with some symbols.

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