Neymar’s trial resumes for possible fraud in his transfer from Santos to Barcelona

Barcelona: The trial against Brazilian star Neymar, French player of Paris Saint-Germain, on charges of possible deception, will resume when in 2013 he moved from Brazilian Santos to Barcelona. The court hearings, which they will take in examining the case involving Neymar, his father and former executives of the club of Barcelona and Santos, will start Monday in Barcelona, ​​in light of the accusations they face for deception and unfair competition, regarding the concealment of the true value of Neymar’s transfer from Santos to Barcelona, ​​to avoid paying hefty sums to DES, the Brazilian company that claims to own 40% of the player’s rights. The Brazilian club has asked that Neymar and his father, who also acts as his agent, as well as former Barcelona presidents, Sandro Rosell and Josep Bartomeu, be jailed for five years. All the defendants denied any wrongdoing. The Brazilian company only got its share of the deal’s initial value, which Barcelona and Santos have confirmed in 17 million euros, while the real value of the deal was 82 million euros, while a Spanish investigating judge confirmed that the value of the deal amounted to 83 million and 300,000 euros. (Dpa)