NFL 2020 playoff power rankings: Every team’s real chances of winning the Super Bowl 54

The 2019 NFL season has now become the NFL 2020 playoffs. Only 12 teams are left to try and win the Super Bowl 54.

The past tells us that once a team is in the AFC or NFC tournament, what happened in the regular season makes no sense. Now it is getting hot and navigating matchups with more difficulty to win the three or four games needed to win them all.

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It’s time to throw away the records, avoid marrying the seeds, consider betting prospects, and then rank the twelve newcomers based on their chances of leaving the winners in Miami on February 2.

1. Baltimore Ravens

(AFC No. 1)

The Ravens have won 12 consecutive games to finish a franchise-best 14-2, also a game better than the first three NFC teams. They have strong odds of +210 (according to to win the Super Bowl 54.

This is justified. When Lamar Jackson plays, their offense is unstoppable. Defense is dominated, especially at the back, by trade for Marcus Peters. It is difficult to find some weakness in this strong team. These playoffs are the Ravens against the field.

2. San Francisco 49ers

(NFC No. 1)

The 49ers have struggled with both home and road play in the playoffs. They just lost the Ravens, clenched the Saints and pushed the Packers. Their offense is hard to defend with Jimmy Garoppolo having his full weapon and a strong defense at every level should be healthier starting in the sectional round.

It wouldn’t be surprising if there is a Week 13 and Super Bowl 47 rematch between the Ravens and the 49ers as the Seeds rightly suggest.

Patrick Mahomeshttps: // T = -1318140099 & w = 500 & quality = 80

3. Head of Kansas City

(AFC No. 2)

Patrick Mahomes’s offense is upgraded at the right time, with more big downfield games and a boost from the backfield. The defense has become more difficult than running back to rest on its dominance with the finishes and wide receivers.

This is a better version of last year’s Kansas City 12-4 team because of Mahomes’ defense and greater experience.

4. New Orleans Saints

(NFC No. 3)

The Saints will not have a home field advantage all the way to the Superdome to make up for the bad call that went against them in last year’s NFC championship. But they have proven more complete this season with enhanced defense and special teams and greater ability to win outdoors on the road because of this and their play.

Drew Brees and Sean Payton can push their teams to surpass the heart of the last two playoffs, turning frustration into a more focused motivation.

5. Green Bay Packers

(NFC No. 2)

The Packers are a tough 13-3 team to figure out. They win sometimes mainly by attack, sometimes by defense. Sometimes it’s the passing of Aaron Rodgers. Most of the time it’s about Aaron Jones running.

Although some of the players have a solid playoff experience, led by Rodgers, this is a different team style under Matt LaFleur that can have a wide range of game-to-game results. Packers have the feeling of either an early exit or an extended route through Miami, with nothing in between.

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Russell Wilsonhttps: // T = -977497499 & w = 500 & quality = 80

6. Seattle Seahawks

(NFC No. 5)

The Seahawks have lost some shine with two equal-day defeats and some major injuries. But like Brees and Payton and Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll form a QB-coach combination that has all come together before, giving the Seahawks a high floor as a dangerous playoff team.

There are some real questions about their offensive line, the exhausted running game and a defense that still has many holes that can derail any real opportunity in a hurry. But where there’s a Wilson, there’s always a way.

7. New England Patriots

(AFC No. 3)

The Patriots have seemingly been eliminated for the playoffs, and once again, everyone is ready to go with the lazy narrative that this is the end of their dynasty. But those bumps were also present in last year’s playoffs, all the way through the high-Rams mission to the Super Bowl 53.

Until the clock is over and eliminated, you cannot count them. In these words, aggressive restrictions and defensive struggles against better teams are not an attractive combination of survival and progress. You should not be surprised, however, if they suddenly make the appropriate adjustments again to overcome the toughest competition.

8. Buffalo Bills

(AFC No. 5)

The Bills have a fearsome coach at Josh Allen who picks good points to run. They have a fine offensive line, a talented freshman back and I understand top receivers. They have good defensive defense and can cover well as well, driven by Tre’Davious White’s stop corner. They can also switch between physical and Finnish football.

The accounts could be doomed against a strong team, but they have the makeup to beat anyone. Inexperience is their biggest concern.

Kirk Cousinshttps: // T = 1458220822 & w = 500 & quality = 80

9. Minnesota Vikings

(NFC No. 6)

The Vikings have only beaten one playoff team (the Eagles) all season, so they will probably overcome them quickly. At least they have a good foundational defense with their front seven, an effective power play running with a healthy Dalvin Cook.

The big questions concern Kirk Cousins, who is rediscovering his best-performing and under-performing career in the playoffs. The Saints are a bad matchup for them in the wild-card round.

10. Titans Tennessee

(AFC No. 6)

Forget the Titans? You can’t when you have NFL champion Derrick Henry, a wide receiver unblocked in A.J. Brown and a QB savior to Ryan Tannehill.

They have the groove aggressively to make noise, but their defense has too many issues to wait a long way solely based on these offensive triples.

11. Philadelphia Eagles

(NFC No. 4)

The Eagles literally ended up in the playoffs, but they did it with mental and physical toughness at the playoff level. Carson Wentz gets the playoffs for the first time, and let’s hope many of his teammates think he can make a Nick Foles win as most of them have the experience of winning the Super Bowl 52 with by Doug Pederson.

It’s a good team with good defense, but the passing game remains compressed and the defense has gone through two issues that won’t help top-notch games against real good teams not in the NFC East.

12. Houston Texans

(AFC No. 4)

The Texans are the weakest team in the playoffs. They are heavily addicted to Deshaun Watson offensively with a inconsistent running game and limited pop reception behind DeAndre Hopkins, especially if Will Fuller remains on the sidelines. Their defense is very bad.

They have to lose at home again in the wild card round as division champions, this time on the accounts.

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