NFL coaches hot spots: Jason Garrett of the Cowboys, Freddie Browns of Kitchens could be fired then

And then there were 30 NFL coaches who still held the jobs that had gone into the 2019 season.

The Redskins broke things up with Jay Gruden after they started 0-5 and the Panthers relieved Ron Rivera of his duties after fading to 5-7 and the NFC playoffs. But everyone knows they won’t be the last two coaches to go from the hot seat to being fired before or on “Black Monday”.

Last year, eight teams decided to replace their coaches either during or immediately after the season. Although this number will be difficult to reach in 2019, current situations could close.

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Here are all 30 non-intermediate NFL coaches ranked by their level of discomfort, starting with those with the least amount of job security.

NFL coaches with the hottest hot seats

1. Pat Shurmur, Giants. New York have lost eight consecutive games after a 2-2 start and there is no sign that Shurmur’s specialty has really improved despite many promising pieces like Daniel Jones. Yes, the Giants had some key injuries (Saquon Barkley, Sterling Shepard, Evan Engram, Golden Tate, offensive line), including Jones’ broken ankle. But the team as a whole is getting worse, not better. The Giants will have to turn to someone else (Ron Rivera) to advance to Shumur’s third year.

2. Jason Garrett, Cowboys. Jerry Jones has cited quotes that resemble an emotional roller-coaster when he comes to his beloved longtime friend Princeton and former reserve general. Trying to separate the head from the heart, and that was difficult for the Dallas owner / general manager. At this point, with the real ambitions of the Super Bowl reaching 2019, it may not be enough for the Cowboys to overwhelm the playoffs as weak NFC East champions. The pressure is on Garrett to win at least one game or two in the postseason.

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3. Kitchens Freddie, Browns. Stop us if you’ve heard this before, but it gets pretty hot around Cuisines. He looks to light the burner under him with stupid leadership decisions such as the Pittsburgh T-shirt before his team to lay an egg in the most important game of the season. The Browns, now 5-7, once had the smell of freshly baked cookies right out of the oven. Smoke alarms are now beginning, with kitchens most responsible for cooking until disaster.

4. Doug Marrone, the Jaguars. The free fall of his team has reached the point where some say its name sounds like a synonym. Defense is coming into the tank and Jacksonville continues to show less life each week. Marrone’s fate is rather stung by the ill-fated decision to return to Nick Foles rather than stick with the inspirational play of rookie Gardner Minshew.

5. Dan Quinn, Falcons. DQ has done well to get his team to concentrate and play harder, signaled by the good decision to give up the control of defensive play-calling and focus on motivation and leadership. The players love him and team owner Arthur Blank knows it. That is why Quinn has a chance at a full season evaluation. But that feels like it’s over, and Quinn lands on a good spot elsewhere. It just doesn’t seem to be appropriate for these Falcons anymore.

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NFL seats are trained to be warm

6. Matt Patrick, Lions. It will most likely be maintained in 2020, even though its defense was intense, despite the huge investment (Trey Flowers, Justin Coleman) the unit received in the offseason. Key offensive injuries to Matthew Stafford and Kerryon Johnson are likely to give Patricia a third year.

7. Anthony Lynn, Chargers. The Chargers are coming back to miss the frustrating, close games and part of the reason could have been Lynn sticking too long with the Philip Rivers tracking mechanism – even with a capable starter for his offense, Tyrod Taylor, on the bench. Lyn will probably lean toward safety due to injuries and other issues. Also coming off the record of 12-4 in 2018.

NFL coaching seats cool off

8. Adam Gase, Jets. Christopher Johnson says the Jets won’t make a change despite the fact that Gase is a big disappointment, mainly because they don’t want to admit that hiring the coach was wrong. Regardless, he is saved with an improved offense and a more favorable second half program.

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9. Matt Nagy, bears. He has NFC North equity since the league season and his team can finish well enough to advance to Year 3.

10. Vic Fangio, Broncos. His defense starts to play better, and his front round disc gives him a bit of a pass. He is now likely to see a second year under John Elway.

NFL coach seats that have cooled down

11. Cliff Kinsbury, Cardinals. He’s lower than the highs (as expected) during his transition from college play to the NFL, but was the right hire with Kyler Murray in mind.

12. Jacques Taylor, Bengals. He will end the champion season with at least one win and his team is playing better. It will take a second year, this time with the franchise QB of his choice.

13. Brian Flores, Dolphins. No one talks about the Miami Marathon anymore and it proves he can be the owner as he has better talent on the field.

14. Jon Gruden, Raiders. They pay him too much to make a move, and he has gone far enough with the Raiders to be nice through the team’s move to Las Vegas.

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NFL coaches who just chill

15. Bruce Arians, Buccaneers. It has taken them to play much better, creating them for the real promise in 2020.

16. Mike Vrabel, Titans. He outraged his job (and his team’s season) with the Ryan Tannehill decision.

17. Frank Reich, Colts. He is doing his best with an injury rash after his big job in 2018.

18. Doug Pederson, Eagles. He still has several Super Bowl shares.

19. Mike Zimmer, Vikings. He needed the current playoff run with Kirk Cousins.

20. Bill O’Brien, Texans. He has one of his best seasons leading the team.

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21. Matt LaFleur, Packers. You need to get enough coach of the year love.

22. Kyle Shanahan, 49ers. You need to get enough coach of the year love.

23. Sean McDermott, Bills. Need more coach of the year of love.

24. Sean McVay, Rams. The player remains.

25. Pete Carroll, Seahawks. Somehow, he still sees 68 years of young people.

26. Andy Reid, Chiefs. All he has to do is train hard and get teams in the playoffs.

27. Sean Payton, Saints. Sorry, Jerry, but he stays in the Big Easy as much as he wants to.

28. Mike Tomlin, Steelers. He has done an artistic job with motivation and, as he would say, “such things”.

29. John Harbaugh, Ravens. And to think that they wanted to shoot him a few years ago.

30. Bill Belichick, Patriots. GOAT Coach. He is wearing a hoodie. It earns a lot. It doesn’t say much.

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