NFL Draft 2020: Bengals unlikely to trade No. 1 pick, says coach Zac Taylor

All indications point to the Cincinnati Bengals keeping the leading general pick in this year’s NFL Draft and choosing LSU quarterback Joe Burrow on April23

While the team has yet to reveal its strategies, coach Zac Taylor’s interview Monday on the “Dan Patrick Show” enhanced the view that the team is not looking to trade down, in spite of reports recently recommending the Miami Dolphins were looking to go up.

When asked if he might see a situation where the Bengals traded down,

“It doesn’t look that way,” Taylor stated. “If there is a guy there that you believe in that can really change the franchise over the next 10 to 15 years, then that’s a hard thing to pass up on,” he added.

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“You know, people all the time ask me what would it take to give up that pick,” Taylor stated. “If there’s somebody there that people are willing to give up a lot for, that they believe in, then that just really verifies what we think about those players as well.”

Taylor did not expose who the Bengals were targeting at No. 1, however he did appear to show that the franchise has actually mainly comprised its mind with simply over a week staying in the scouting procedure.

“I think we’re really comfortable with the direction we’re headed,” Taylor stated.

“I’m not quite ready to make any major announcements yet, but we’ve done our homework here the last three or four months, kind of vetted all these guys out.”

Since last season went south for the Bengals, Cincinnati has actually been connected to Burrow, an Ohio native who was a backup for 2 seasons at Ohio State prior to moving.

His 2019 campaign at LSU is among the very best college seasons ever — he tossed 60 goal passes in winning the Heisman Trophy and leading the Tigers to a national title.

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The NFL has actually limited teams’ gain access to to potential customers since of the COVID-19 break out, however the Bengals have actually optimized their allowed time talking with Burrow: 3 one-hour call weekly.

“He’s got a great edge to him, I think that’s the best way to put it,” Taylor stated of Burrow. “You can speak about self-confidence and all that things to quarterbacks, however he is among those men that put in the work, so he’s got the self-confidence in his capabilities since there’s not a great deal of unidentified out there for him.

” We have actually gotten to understand him. We have actually gotten to understand a great deal of the men throughout this discussion over the last number of weeks. We actually maxed out that time talking to him. We feel comfy with all those men there at the top.”

Andy Dalton is still under agreement with the Bengals however has actually formerly made it clear that he desires no part of a full reconstruct and was disturbed that the team would not trade him to a competitor midway through last season. Taylor stated that “all choices are on the table” in regard to Dalton’s future with the team.