NFL Draft, Anti-Spread Predictions for Week 16: Cowboys Clip Eagles; Packers upset the Vikings. Patriots are hitting the bills

Last week came before and after Friday the 13th, so we knew the NFL results could be scary and brutal. And it was. A ton of amazing upheavals prevailed on the scoreboard, which means we just have to try again to navigate the NFL’s picks and predictions against the spread for Week 16.

There are only two weeks in the regular season, or 32 more matchups to forecast. With coaches and players struggling to keep their jobs open for 2020 and many aspects of the playoffs for 2019, promoting the remaining games is a welcome but difficult challenge.

Well, here’s our latest impassioned prediction of the upcoming NFL results. All odds are courtesy of

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The NFL Week 15 qualifies, against spreads

  • Game of the week: Dallas Cowboys (-2 1/2) at Philadelphia Eagles

Sunday, 4:25 pm ET, Fox

The Cowboys and Eagles crimes run at two different speeds. Dallas is full of skill players around Dak Prescott and Philadelphia will find it difficult to find them. The Eagles operate with a compressed attack around Carson Wentz, who plays in the Cowboys mentality but fails to break. Dallas won its first matchup 37-10 and is the better, healthier team. The Cowboys can take their momentum from the Rams’ win, while the Eagles are run out of luck after escaping the Giants and Redskins.

Choose: The Cowboys win 27-20 and cover the spread.

  • Upset of the Week: Green Bay Packers (+4 1/2) over Minnesota Vikings

Monday, 8:15 pm ET, ESPN

The Packers are being overrated because Aaron Rodgers has not put up inflatable numbers. But their defense and the running game have consistently delivered, as they have embraced a tougher-nosed, physical attitude. The Vikings were defensive, but they were clean and efficient, ahead of Kirk Cousins’ best season. A healthy Dalvin Cook would help, but this season, the Packers are more than the grinding team, so they have emerged as NFC North favorites. Rodgers will not miss the chance to complete the division against his opponents on the road, while the suffering of Cousins’ big players will cost his team.

Choose: Packers win 23-20.

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  • Lock of the Week: New England Patriots (-6) vs. Buffalo Bills

Saturday, 4:30 pm ET, NFL Network

The Patriots wouldn’t lose their home bills and throw three of their four games, right? (Of course it wouldn’t be.) New England survived the first matchup at Buffalo 16-10 and did well in Cincinnati last week – especially with the running game, defense and special teams – just in time for the rematch. Look for the Pats to stay grounded, as the backs have become the new focal points of the offense. The Bills have a tough pass defense, but the Patriots will get James White and Julian Edelman in the right matchups. Josh Allen’s passing was also not as strong against good defenses. Buffalo has won some great road games to get into the playoffs, but that won’t be the case. New England will ratify another AFC East title.

Choose: The Patriots win 23-13 and cover the spread.

  • Houston Giants (-2 1/2) at Tampa Buccaneers

Saturday, 1 pm ET, NFL Network

The Texans have Deshaun Watson with his basic weapons to get healthy. The Buccaneers have a red-hot Jameis Winston despite being down Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Neither pass defense is good, so Watson and Winston will turn this into a shoot-out matinee. Houston is far more at stake in the AFC South title line, with Tampa playing second place outside the NFC South. The Bucs have to cool down a bit, and Watson is late for a monster game. He’ll pull one of his dazzling comebacks to save the Texans (again).

Choose: Texans win 34-31 and cover spread.

  • Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers (-6)

Saturday, 8:15 pm ET, NFL Network

The Rams offense has found some answers with Todd Gurley and Tyler Higbee, who has opened both running and passing games. But Jared Goff is still in a tough second-round road environment. Defending the 49ers is running out of time and there are many places where it can be attacked by air. The 49ers won their first meeting in Los Angeles 20-7. this will be a little closer and higher, but in a short week, Jimmy Garoppolo will allow the hosts to survive a stellar second half.

Choose: The 49ers win 31-27 but do not cover the spread.

  • New Orleans Saints in Tennessee Titans (select them)

Sunday, 1 pm ET, Fox

The Saints usually don’t travel that far outside, but some of their best wins this season have come from the Superdome. Their defensive strength has weakened, which is not good for Derrick Henry. But passing passes and action games can do more damage than that. In a way, this version of Drew Brees and Sean Payton’s team is more suited to the elements, and this will be one good pre-playoff road test. Ryan Tannehill has played well to get the Titans to this point, but the other side of the ball will cost them.

Choose: The Saints win 24-21.

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  • Baltimore Ravens (-10) at Cleveland Browns

Sunday, 1 pm ET, CBS

The Ravens are well aware that the worst loss of the season came to the Browns at home. At that time in late September, it seemed that teams could be heading in different directions to the AFC North. Now the Ravens are more for dominance, and the Browns are for dysfunction. Lamar Jackson is ready to wrap up his MVP case, because once Baltimore wins the No. 1 seed, you can bet they’ll need their leader for Week 17. He wants to make changes for his worst game. and will need to, as the Browns try to win again with plenty of Nick Chubb, their one reliable offensive force. Jackson could pick a defensive tackle who couldn’t stop a versatile running game and a mobile QB in Arizona.

Choose: Thieves win 31-24 but do not cover spread.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers (-3) on New York aircraft

Sunday, 1 pm ET, CBS

The Steelers have another quandary quarterback since their offense is still a ceiling, with the running game not getting enough pressure off or making it easier to pass down the field. Either Duck Hodges or Mason Rudolph is not in a great position on the road against a team that can stop running and blitzes to get after young passers-by. With that said, the Steelers can shadow the narrative of Le’Veon Bell’s game revenge in a hurry and get in the face of Sam Darnold so often. It won’t be easy, but the Steelers will make some key plays that the Jets won’t do against the better, deeper secondary.

Choose: Steelers win 20-10 and cover spread.

  • New York Giants in Washington Redskins (-2)

Sunday, 1 pm ET, Fox

Dwayne Haskins shows that he has seats late in the pioneer era and the Giants’ defense has no answers to better support his skills, wide receiver Terry McLaurin and his respectable Adrian Peterson. The Redskins entered the first matchup on the road, 24-3, when Haskins got his feet wet and a healthy Daniel Jones was more polished on the other side. Washington’s defense is not good at the back, but it will hang tough in front, and the Giants will find a little more.

Choose: The Redskins win 20-17 and cover the spread.

  • Carolina Panthers at Indianapolis Colts (-6 1/2)

Sunday, 1 pm ET, Fox

The Panthers defense is fierce. The Colts have a terribly offensive line and will be relentless with Marlon Mack and their approach to controlling the ball to create favorable action for Jacoby Brissett. The Panthers are also set to return to freshman Will Grier for his first career. He’ll keep the ball in the hands of Christian McCaffrey and D.J. Moore on a fast track indoors while working to avoid the turnovers that cost Kyle Allen. Indianapolis will grind the lead and hold it slowly forcing a big mistake by Grier.

Choose: Colts win 27-17 and cover spread.

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  • Jacksonville Jaguars in Atlanta (-7)

Sunday, 1 pm ET, Fox

Dan Quinn’s defense has found new speed in the second half of the season, despite most injury issues, as the Falcons play hard and fly around the ball. The Jaguars showed some fighting in Oakland last week, but it’s still not a big offense. Atlanta will try to run heavy with Devonta Freeman and will succeed. There will be some defensive surprises waiting for Gardner Minshew as he tries to match Matt Ryan.

Choose: The Hawks win 24-14 and cover the spread.

  • Cincinnati Bengals in Miami Dolphin (-1)

Sunday, 1 pm ET, CBS

The Bengals don’t work too hard beyond Joe Mixon. The Dolphins light things up with DeVante Parker as the go-to for former Bengal Ryan Fitzpatrick. Brian Flores’ defense is weak, but he is doing his best to put his strongest players in a position to make early play mistakes that Andy Dalton is making at a fast pace. Fitzpatirck and Parker’s bitterness of getting downfield is a benefit for the home team. This game is no longer for the No. 1 pick, so the dolphins could also deliver with some pride in their final home.

Choose: Dolphins win 23-20 and cover spread.

  • Detroit Lions at Denver Broncos (-6 1/2)

Sunday, 4:05 pm ET, CBS

Drew Lock and David Blough, the champions of the championship game, were puzzled by a high-scoring thriller in college last September. This will not happen in their rematch as professionals. Lock will succeed from running the game and throwing downfield at Courtland Sutton. Blough will find himself under tremendous pressure on the road and will be forced to make more mistakes without running and limited body. Expect former Bronco Matt Prater to make the most of the Lions scoring back in High Mile.

Choose: The Broncos win 20-6 and cover the spread.

  • Oakland Raiders at Los Angeles Chargers (-5 1/2)

Sunday, 4:05 pm ET, CBS

Raiders have hit a wall. Derek Carr and the offense continue to leave points on the table and their defense takes turns struggling against passing and running. Philip Rivers is coming from another drop in turnover, which happened in this first Raiders game this season. Rivers has to save somebody if this is the end of his trip to Los Angeles, and Gordon needs a hearing for his next team. The stars that will make it though are Keenan Allen, Austin Ekeler and Mike Williams.

Choose: Chargers win 24-17 and cover spread.

Russell Wilsonhttps: // T = -977497499 & w = 500 & quality = 80

  • Arizona Cardinals in Seattle Seahawks (-9 1/2)

Sunday, 4:25 pm ET, Fox

The Seahawks are trying to establish themselves as the best team in a busy NFC playoff field. To do this, they can make a statement at home against a junior team. The Cardinals had a day off against the Browns to win a much needed win, but Kyler Murray, even with some playmaking pop against a ruthless Seattle tragedy, is going into a hostile environment. The Seahawks will not look ahead to the 49ers game while remaining firm with Chris Carson and Russell Wilson.

Choose: The Seahawks win 31-24 but don’t cover the spread.

  • The Kansas City Chiefs (-5) at the Chicago Bears

Sunday, 8.20 pm ET, NBC

The Chiefs have their section wrapped up and now have the opportunity to remind everyone that they are a serious threat to win the Super Bowl. Patrick Mahomes looks perfectly healthy and although there are no big spots, they don’t need them with the defense and special teams playing so well. The style points are not needed against former offensive coordinator Matt Nagy and the Bears, who will once again sacrifice hard for Mohammed to be drafted after Mitchell Trubisky.

Choose: The Chiefs win 24-20 but do not cover the spread.

Statistics of the week:
Week 15 records straight: 9-6
Week 15 records against spread: 5-9
Season registration straight: 147-75
Anti-Spread Season Recording: 117-97
Upset of the Week: 8-7
Locks of the week: 8-7

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