NFL Drafts, Predictions Against Spread for Week 14: 49ers Beat Saints; Mosquitoes upset the Seahawks. Ravens top Accounts

When we pick up Week 14 of the NFL game as opposed to spreading, we have to remember how crazy the previous week was. There were many serious disorders, and some mild favorites were removed without problems.

The league is becoming increasingly difficult to predict as teams wrap up late in the 2019 season, either near the top or down. The best thing to do is try to figure out which groups to trust and have strong reasons to make a specific pork prognosis.

Well, here’s our latest impassioned prediction of the upcoming NFL results. All odds are courtesy of

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The NFL Week 14 qualifies, against spreads

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  • Game of the Week: San Francisco 49ers in New Orleans Saints (-3)

Sunday, 1 pm ET, Fox

The 49ers had their biggest problem this season against mobile strategies. Protecting Saints passes has some injury issues ahead of Drew Brees. Both teams will try to get creative with their current games in tough matchups. Both Kyle Shanahan and Sean Payton will mix in malicious staff and unconventional offensive calls. This should have the feel of a well-known defensive end game for San Francisco, and although New Orleans has had some success in these types of games, visitors will find themselves running a bit more and passing punches.

Choose: The 49ers win 24-17.

  • Midweek game: Dallas Cowboys (-3) at Chicago Bears

Thursday, 8:20 pm ET, Fox / NFL / Amazon Prime Video Network

The Cowboys and the Bears played Thanksgiving last week with different results as the former was upset at home and the latter rallied to win on the road. The defenses of Chicago and Dallas are not as discouraging as expected, so it comes down to which strategy you can rely on to make some great games from the best success to the current game. This is easily Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. The desperate Cowboys will dig deep for a much needed road win over an opponent with the same (6-6) record.

Choose: The Cowboys win 23-20 and cover the spread.

  • Worry of the Week: Los Angeles Rams (+2) over Seatah Seahawks

Sunday, 8.20 pm ET, NBC

The Rams did well with their good offensive performance against the Cardinals. Jared Goff needs to bring the confidence back home, where he usually plays his best. The Seahawks are coming off a short week and usually haven’t done so well in Los Angeles in this season’s Sean McVay rivalry. This will be another classic game between division rivals in the league, with Goff creating Greg Zuerlein for the goal of winning the game so far.

Choose: Thieves win 30-27.

  • Lock of the Week: Houston Texas (-7 1/2) over Denver Broncos

Sunday, 1 pm ET, CBS

The Texans are much better at home because Deshaun Watson loves to run around the court and be able to fly deep without any elemental restrictions, especially late in the season. They will have a strong momentum after the back-to-back home wins over the Colts and Patriots and will make sure there is no storm here. Drew Lock makes his first start as a rookie, and though Courtland Sutton’s big receiver can help him, Watson can rely on more firepower against a Broncos defense that suddenly gives up runs and long passes.

Choose: The Texans win 27-10 and cover the spread.

  • Baltimore Ravens (-5) in Buffalo Bills

Sunday, 1 pm ET, CBS

The Ravens will find themselves in another one-game defensive back after surviving the 49ers at home last week. Offensive coordinator Greg Roman returns to Buffalo armed with Lamar Jackson to run and pass to throw the bills ahead and set them up for big games at second and deep second. Baltimore may take John Brown and Cole Beasley away from Josh Allen, who won’t have the same success with Jackson starting and rushing. Both QBs in the second round of the second round use their hands and feet well, but the Ravens will find more holes to defend the bills than the bills have on their own.

Choose: Thieves win 24-20 but do not cover the spread.

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  • Washington Redskins at Green Bay Packers (-14)

Sunday, 1 pm ET, Fox

The Redskins will do exactly what they did against the Panthers on the road: Run, run and run a little more with Derrius Guice and Adrian Peterson. Packers are more vulnerable to a steady stream of current forces, better equipped to hurry past and cover Dwayne Haskins limited containers. But the Redskins’ rush will slow against Rodgers and they cannot cover his two best broadband receivers, Davvan Adams and Allen Lazard. The Packers will have to turn the tables themselves and run well with Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams to push their way back to Lambeau in the fourth quarter.

Choose: The Packers win 27-14 but do not cover the spread.

  • Cincinnati Bengals to Cleveland Browns (-9)

Sunday, 1 pm ET, CBS

The Bengals again found some stability with Andy Dalton back in the QB. They look like a legitimate offense again with Tyler Boyd and Joe Mixon as two challenging skill players for a Browns defensive tackle. The Browns, however, will not run well against the Steelers, but will do well here with Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt as they try to keep Baker Mayfield from overwhelmingly slapping him with his hand. Ohio’s battle will go to Cleveland, but Cincinnati will continue to play with more pride after its first win.

Choose: Coffee wins 23-17 but does not cover spread.

  • Carolina Panthers in Atlanta (-2)

Sunday, 1 pm ET, Fox

The Panthers have gone through another freefall in the second half of the season, which probably doesn’t bode well for Ron Rivera, who now feels more defensive training heat than Dan Quinn. We’ll see if Julio Jones can come back, but the Panthers ‘course and secondary power are difficult against Matt Ryan and their defense gets a break from the Falcons’ ignorance. Kyle Allen’s summer season will continue, as Atlanta has few answers on Christian McCaffrey’s speed, D.J. Moore and Curtis Samuel in the fast interior.

Choose: The Panthers win 27-20.

  • The Miami Dolphins in the New York Jets (-6)

Sunday, 1 pm ET, CBS

Jets are a different group at home than they are far away. The Dolphins are up to three wins, including their win over the Jets in the previous meeting. Red Hot Ryan Fitzpatrick will go to work in another revenge game against poor pass defense. Sam Darnold, coming off a terrific game against the meager Bengals, will rebound against a non-existent rush past and secondary with no one left to cover a myriad of weapons. The Dolphins will make every effort to deal with similar weapons to DeVante Parker’s leadership, but the Jets will save someone from a goal.

Choose: Jets win 27-24 but don’t cover spread.

  • Detroit Lions in the Minnesota Vikings (-13 1/2)

Sunday, 1 pm ET, Fox

David Blough will probably be the Lions starter again with Matthew Stafford hurting Jeff Driskel on IR. In a tough road test, he is sure to tighten the ball under his wide receivers, but will get less help from running the game and his defense than he did on Thanksgiving at Ford Field. The Vikings need to be able to do whatever they want offensively with Kirk Cousins ​​and Dalvin Cook.

Choose: The Vikings win 34-17 and cover the spread.

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  • Indianapolis Colts in Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3)

Sunday, 1 pm ET, CBS

The Colts have become a shell of the offense that is expected to be due to injuries, and hurt Jacoby Brissett’s production and efficiency. They have also let special teams cost them a lot this season. The Bucs weren’t very happy with their own gifts and poor defense, but Bruce Arians has inspired them and it’s not too difficult for the Indianapolis defense. Brissett will be forced to throw often, and the Colts are not built to win high scoring games.

Choose: The Buccaneers win 30-20 and cover the spread.

  • Los Angeles Chargers (-2 1/2) at Jacksonville Jaguars

Sunday, 4:05 pm ET, Fox

The Chargers are struggling to find a spark with Philip Rivers making some major mistakes, while their strong defense tends to have bad losses. The Jaguars were going through with Nick Foles, so it makes sense to go back to Gardner Minshew in the QB. Magic and fury go shazam against the Bolts, who can make it tough for the mustachioed rookie with the rush rush and cover. The Chargers will make every effort to win, but Minshew will not waste time with the second chance to make a good second impression, in the style that only he can deliver.

Choose: The Jaguars win 20-17.

  • Kansas City Chiefs in New England Patriots (-3)

Sunday, 4:25 pm ET, CBS

The patriot offense came to life in the second half against the Texans. This development puts players in control of the ball and keeping Patrick Momom as high as possible. Tom Brady’s ability to get the ball through the middle of the road quickly will eliminate Kansas City’s rush and give the secondary little chance of winning battles down there. Mahomes will try to surpass the patriotic soundtrack, but Brady, after finding his groove in Houston, will save the best GOAT tracks for last.

Choose: The Patriots win 31-27 and cover the spread.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers (-1 1/2) at Arizona Cardinals

Sunday, 4:25 pm ET, CBS

The Steelers have built their team so they can travel well, based on strong running power, calculated field passing and lights-out, often-swarming defense. The Cardinals can’t slow down a single piece of their custom offense for Devlin Hodges, while Kyler Murray, perched on the Rams’ home run, will stick one-dimensional against a good rushing pass backed up by a deep sideline.

Choose: Steelers win 23-13 and cover spread.

  • Tennessee Titans (-2 1/2) at Oakland Surveyors

Sunday, 4:25 pm ET, CBS

The Titans click with Ryan Tannehill’s offensive pass coming out of a consistent threat to Derrick Henry’s power. They include so many recipients to dictate matchups throughout the match. The transition from Nashville to the Black Hole is a difficult road trip, but there is nothing in the defense of Oakland passes or in the somewhat faded defense that can keep Tennessee from doing its best. Meanwhile, the Titans can contain Josh Jacobs on the ground and play frozen Derek Carr.

Choose: The Titans win 31-20 and cover the spread.

  • New York Giants in Philadelphia Eagles (-8 1/2)

Monday, 8:15 pm ET, ESPN

The Giants have lost eight consecutive games and been eliminated from the playoffs. The Eagles have dropped three in a row, still needing to chase the Cowboys for first place in the NFC East. Daniel Jones will come out of the fight against the Eagles ‘secondary battle, but the Giants’ defense will fight even harder against Carson Wentz. Look for the Eagles to overextend and commit more runs to get their defense back on the road and win a much needed win.

Choose: The Eagles win 27-17 and cover the spread.

Statistics of the week:
Week 13 records straight: 8-7
Week 13 Enrollment Enrollment: 9-6
Record earnings: 126-64
Result of anti-proliferation period: 104-80
Upset of the Week: 6-7
Locks of the week: 7-6

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