NFL Drafts, Predictions Against Spread for Week 17: 49ers Beat Seahawks; Giant Upset Eagles; Packers punish the Lions

Last week was a strong rebound week for Sporting News’ NFL forecasts. Now it’s time to take part in a strong week of 17 anti-spillover options and forecasts.

This is. This is the end of the 2019 regular season, a last chance to get 16 games right (or wrong) before the playoffs begin. Let’s do this and do it well.

Well, here’s our latest impassioned prediction of the upcoming NFL results. All odds are courtesy of

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Week 17 of the NFL picks up, spread forecasts

  • Game of the Week: The San Francisco 49ers (-3) in the Seattle Seahawks

Sunday, 8.20 pm ET, NBC

The 49ers and Seahawks have suffered several injuries in the second half of the season. The 49ers are getting healthier defenses and have been badly damaged. The Seahawks are depleted of reliable bodies in key positions, such as running backs, defensive end and cornerback. Jimmy Garoppolo found some clutch play in the fourth quarter, including Russell Wilson during the overtime loss to San Francisco. The momentum and rounding are with the visitors who will split the seasons, win the NFC West and grab the top seed to cover their time before embarking on a Super Bowl.

Choose: The 49ers win 27-20.

  • Upset of the Week: New York Giants (+4 1/2) over Philadelphia Eagles

Sunday, 4:25 pm ET, Fox

The NFC East is expected to have another twist before its season as the NFL’s weakest division ends. Here is. The Giants got the Eagles overtime in Philadelphia with Eli Manning and yes, Daniel Jones is a quarterback upgrade. Saquon Barkley is hot. The Eagles may not have Zach Airs, and their compressed offense will give the Giants a second break. Their secondary team is in pain again and cannot handle the Giants’ sudden depth. The Giants, of all teams, will end up helping the Cowboys as they play hard, probably one last time, for Pat Shurmur.

Choose: The Giants win 23-20.

Aaron Rodgershttps: // T = -264486099 & w = 500 & quality = 80

  • Lock of the Week: Green Bay Packers (-9 1/2) over Detroit Lions

Sunday, 1 pm ET, Fox

The Packers were our shaky choice against the Vikings. They want to keep pushing for the NFC playoff spot and the Lions have become a mess. Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones and Davante Adams will do whatever they want at Ford Field, while David Blough will be overwhelmed by the wild thickening and cover of Green Bay.

Choose: The Packers win 34-10 and cover the spread.

  • Chicago Bears in Minnesota Vikings (-7)

Sunday, 1 pm ET, Fox

The Bears seem to be going through the motions stubbornly and their defense is trying to keep things together during a season full of injuries. The Vikings want to get into the playoffs on a high before a tough first round match with the division away. Also, they won’t be happy that the Bears, who beat them earlier, kept them ashamed to take on the NFC North.

Choose: The Vikings win 23-13 and cover the spread.

  • The New Orleans Saints (-13) at Carolina Panthers

Sunday, 1 pm ET, Fox

The Saints will play sowing and remember that the Panthers gave them food at the Superdome earlier this season. The Panthers have almost surpassed freefall in defense and now it’s not a big offense beyond Christian McCaffrey. Will Grier will fight again, and Drew Brees will have an easy day outdoors making plenty of tradition.

Choose: The Saints win 27-10 and cover the spread.

Patrick Mahomeshttps: // T = -1318140099 & w = 500 & quality = 80

  • Los Angeles Chargers to Kansas City Chiefs (-8)

Sunday, 1 pm ET, CBS

The leaders will play to keep the seed no. 3, so they will remain in the gas. This is not an insignificant situation, because it means pulling a much weaker wild card opponent in the first round instead of the accounts. There is also an outside shooter that can go to number 2 and get a goodbye. The Chargers will continue to make mistakes on both sides of the ball to integrate their dysfunctional fall from a 2018 playoff team. The Kansas City defense is starting to take a lot of weight off Patrick Mahomes’ back and will continue to week 17.

Choose: The Chiefs win 24-17 but do not cover the spread.

  • New York Jets on Buffalo Accounts (-1 1/2)

Sunday, 1 pm ET, CBS

The Jets were not good on the road this season and remain haunted by blowing the Week 1 game against the bills, which set their tone to fade into the confusing medium and provide the buff for Buffalo to be the AFC Instead. , enters the eastern wild card. The accounts will be more concerned about key rest players, so they can be healthier to face either the Chiefs or Texans on the road to the playoffs. Adam Gase will get the Jets to make their record a little better and make some real promise in 2020.

Choose: Jets win 20-13.

  • Atlanta Falcons in Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-1)

Sunday, 1 pm ET, Fox

The French have been destroyed by the Buccaneers at home, but now their defense does not have to deal with Mike Evans or Chris Godwin. The Falcons are playing better now, minus Calvin Ridley, but with Julio Jones, Austin Hooper and Devonta Freeman reuniting around Matt Ryan. Atlanta will once again be led by Dan Quinn to even take second place in the NFC South with Tampa Bay.

Choose: The Hawks win 24-20.

Tom Bradyhttps: // T = -942920410 & w = 500 & quality = 80

  • Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots (-15 1/2)

Sunday, 1 pm ET, CBS

The Dolphins responded well to Brian Flores and Ryan Fitzpatrick for being less funny. The Patriots last week found some more offensive responses with their current and past games and Bill Belichick’s defense found the championship groove again. New England may not be the first seed of the AFC, but it knows things aren’t going well in the playoffs when they are at least No. 2 with a goodbye.

Choose: The Patriots win 27-17 but don’t cover the spread.

  • Cleveland Browns (-2 1/2) at Cincinnati Bengals

Sunday, 1 pm ET, Fox

The Bengals have won the top pick and the Browns have confirmed that the 2019 season is a big bust. The Browns want to prove they have some form and function left. They should have powered Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt long enough to prevent this from becoming a forced pass game, which has not been as good as expected. Andy Dalton made his last stop for the general in Cincinnati, but this is the final game before Joe Burrow’s season. Baker Mayfield will be mobilized to avoid a one second drop with something good for Year 3.

Choose: Coffee wins 30-23 and covers spread.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers (-2 1/2) at Baltimore Ravens

Sunday, 4:25 pm ET, CBS

The Ravens are an underdog because many key players will not play, including (for now) Lamar Jackson, Mark Ingram, Marshal Yanda, Earl Thomas and Brandon Williams. This almost makes their explosive offense the Steelers’ limited equal. Robert Griffin III will often hand over to Gus Edwards and Justice Hill against a tough and less blocked front in Baltimore. Devlin Hodges will have to play for Pittsburgh again with Mason Rudolph finishing, and the Steelers will likely be James Conner and Maurkice Pouncey. This makes it down to feeling like the only good bet. We’re supposed to go with the Ravens to take pride in winning their home final and keep their opponents out of the playoffs.

Choose: Thieves win 20-17.

Dak Prescotthttps: // T = 1528113967 & w = 500 & quality = 80

  • Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys (-10 1/2)

Sunday, 4:25 pm ET, Fox

Dwayne Haskins will not be playing to end his first season, which really showed promise during the stretch. Keenum returns to the starting lineup and will not be afraid to throw the ball under a Cowboys suddenly racing defense. But Prescott will be back at home against an exhausted defense against Ezekiel Elliott. The Cowboys will survive their rematch with rivals, unlike the Eagles, to enter the playoffs and extend Jason Garrett’s stay.

Choose: The Cowboys win 34-24 but don’t cover the spread.

  • Tennessee Titans (-4 1/2) at Houston Texans

Sunday, 4:25 pm ET, CBS

The Texans say they do not intend to rest key players because they will still prefer Sport No. 3 over Kansas City, which makes sense because they prefer to play a weak wild card such as Pittsburgh, Oakland or same Tennessee team rather than a natural Buffalo. But they also don’t want everyone to go out in danger of injury and don’t want to show too much in a second game with the Titans, as there may be a third. This makes this game tough to predict as well, so let’s split the difference, especially with the Titans getting Derrick Henry back closer to full power after his hamstring is down. The Titans will do whatever it takes to create a rematch with the Chiefs.

Choose: The Titans win 27-24 but don’t cover the spread.

  • Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams (-7)

Sunday, 4:25 pm ET, Fox

Let us work on the condition that the Cardinals will not risk further injury to a Kyler Murray slap. The fight is tight on whether he or Josh Jacobs will win the champion of the year, but Arizona should not jeopardize the franchise’s future for an extra game to put up its stats. Beyond that, the Rams offense fires back into all the reels and separates the cards in the first encounter. Sean McVay’s team is disappointed with the failed defense of the NFC title and will get it here.

Choose: Rams win 34-17 and cover spread.

Drew Lockhttps: // T = -2032640332 & w = 500 & quality = 80

  • Auckland Raiders at Denver Broncos (-3 1/2)

Sunday, 4:25 pm ET, CBS

Raiders know there is a chance of a wild AFC card arrival. Winning is the first part of the equation and it won’t be easy for the Broncos to play well with second-round QB Drew Lock, who provides a great spark with his unbelievable pass. Auckland is not that good in harsh road environments on the elements, and Lock receivers can burn the secondary Raiders’ all day long. Derek Carr will be under pressure to make the key mistakes instead of Lock. Denver will avenge the loss of Week 1 in the final.

Choose: The Broncos win 24-16 and cover the spread.

  • Indianapolis Colts (-3 1/2) at Jacksonville Jaguars

Sunday, 4:25 pm ET, CBS

The Colts are a power running team at heart and had no trouble knocking off the Panthers’ weak defense running last week. I need not deviate from this game plan with Marlon Mack, Jordadn Wilkins and some Jacoby Brissett against the Jaguars weakened front and trembling body. Frank Reich has a brighter future after his non-playoff spot, and that may be the end of the line for Jaguars counterpart Doug Marrone, just two years removed from his team making one AFC Championship game.

Choose: Colts win 27-17 and cover spread.

Statistics of the week:
Week 16 records straight: 11-5
Week 16 records the difference: 10-6
Score record straight: 158-80
Anti-Spread Period Recording: 126-104
Upset of the Week: 8-7
Locks of the week: 9-7

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