Sports NFL Draft's strangest moments ever, from Bo Jackson to...

NFL Draft’s strangest moments ever, from Bo Jackson to John Wayne


The Buccaneers chose Auburn running back Bo Jackson with the first general choice in 1986 andoffered him a five-year, $7.6 million agreement … which he declined, simply as he informed Tampa he would do. Jackson insteadaccepted a three-year, $1.067 million handle MLB’ sKansas City Royals.

Jackson had actually grownupset with Bucs owner Hugh Culverhouse, who welcomed the running back to travel to Tampa on the owner’s plane.When Jackson returned to Auburn, he discovered the check out cost him NCAA eligibilityfor baseball season.

“I was (already) thinking about not going to Tampa Bay,” Jackson saidin the ESPN film ” You Do Not Know Bo.”” This– since the authorities at Tampa Bay informed me personally, ‘yes, we checked it, (the NCAA)said that it was OK,’– I believe it was all a plot to get me disqualified from baseball since they saw the season that I was having, and they believed that they were going lose me to baseball. (They believed) ‘If we get him declared ineligible, then we got him.’

” I informed Hugh Culverhouse, ‘You draft me if you want, you’ re going to waste a draft choice.’ I stated, ‘I guarantee you that.'”

Jackson, while betting the Royals, returned to the draft the list below year and was picked by the Raiders in the seventh round.

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