NFL: Le’Veon Bell doesn’t regret leaving Pittsburgh Steelers for New York aircraft

New York aircraft running behind Le’Veon Bell doesn’t regret leaving the Pittsburgh Steelers.

On Sunday, the triple tower Pro Bowler will face the Steelers for the first time since moving to the Jets in March. Bell signed a four-year, $ 52.2 million deal with the Jets following a dispute over a contract in Pittsburgh where he spent the first five seasons of the NFL.

“I’m happy to be here,” Bell said Thursday. “The way things are going is obviously not ideal in the way our record is recorded (5-9).

“But as I said in Week 2, Week 3, this is like rebuilding. I want to be a part of it and see it grow.”

“Last year was last year and two years ago it was two years ago,” he added. “I’m over it now, I’ve gone through it, I’m here, I’m with the New York Jets and I’m happy.”

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Despite being a game at Jets on Sunday, Bell is a boost for Steelers fans to push him.

“It will probably be 50-50,” Bell told reporters. “I think half will be happy to see me and still love me, and half who hates me despises me. That’s what it is.

“I will show love, regardless. Whoever wore my shirt, I will sign it, it will be fun.”

Bell continued: “(The MetLife Stadium) will be full of Steeler fans. When we played the (Oakland) Raiders, there were a lot of Raider fans and it was loud. No more .. Steeler fans are traveling well, I know for sure. .

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