NFL narcotics scenarios for 49ers, Packers, Cowboys, Steelers, others in Week 17

Week 17 comes with 11 high-season teams able to paste something into the NFL playoffs, from seed seed and home-field advantage to all playoffs to a first-round, two-way, pier after the period.

Only three teams – the Ravens (No. 1 in the AFC), the Bill (No. 5 in the AFC) and the Vikings (No. 6 in the NFC) – are locked in the playoff seed entering the final week of the season. In the NFC, four different teams still have the chance to secure the top seed and / or a first round. In the AFC, two teams compete for seed no. 2 and the price that comes with it. Three more are fighting for the second wild card of the conference.

How to seed in the brackets AFC, NFC

The final week of the season will bring us the much-awaited finish to the embarrassing NFC East. The Eagles just need a win to secure the division and secure seed no. 4 in the NFC playoffs, but if they lose, there is one scenario in which the Cowboys make the playoffs with an 8-8 record.

Below are all the NFL knitting scenarios for the 11 teams that have the chance to seal their postseason status in Week 17, followed by a full playoff picture.

NFL playoff scenarios for Week 17

Jimmy Garoppolohttps: // T = 942559719 & w = 500 & quality = 80

San Francisco 49ers (12-3)

(to the Seahawks)

The 49ers are hooked on NFC West by:

  1. 49ers win or draw

49ers Neighborhood No. 1 seed and home-field advantage in all playoffs with:

  1. The 49ers win Ή
  2. 49ers tie and packers loss or tie and Saints loss or tie

The 49ers tighten a first round by:

  1. The 49ers win Ή
  2. 49ers tie and Packers loss or tie Ή
  3. 49ers tie and saints loss or tie

Russell Wilsonhttps: // T = -977497499 & w = 500 & quality = 80

Seattle Seahawks (11-4)

(vs. 49ers)

The Seahawks fasten the NFC West with:

  1. The Seahawks win

The Seahawks have the advantage of seed and home advantage in all playoffs with:

  1. The Seahawks are winning the loss and losing to the Saints

The Seahawks tighten a first round by:

  1. The Seahawks are losing the AND Packers

Aaron Rodgershttps: // T = -264486099 & w = 500 & quality = 80

Green Bay Packers (12-3)

(to the Lions)

Packers seal the seed and home advantage in all playoffs with:

  1. Packers gain AND 49ers OR loss or tie
  2. Packers tie AND 49ers loss and Saints loss or tie

Packers fasten a first round by:

  1. Packers win Ή
  2. Holy loss Ή
  3. Packers link loss to AND 49ers OR
  4. The packers bind and the Saints bind

Drew Breeshttps: // T = 626652749 & w = 500 & quality = 80

New Orleans Saints (12-3)

(at Panthers)

The Saints celebrate the first seed and home game advantage of all playoffs with:

  1. The Saints Won And Petition The Loss Or The Tie And The Loss Or The Tie

The Saints realize a first round by:

  1. The Saints gain and compensate and remove the Covenant
  2. The Saints win AND 49th loss or draw Ή
  3. The Saints are also committed to the loss of the Packers OR
  4. The Saints tie and 49ers loss Ή
  5. 49ers loss AND Packers win or draw

Dak Prescotthttps: // T = 1525104685 & w = 500 & quality = 80

Dallas Cowboys (7-8)

(vs. Redskins)

The Cowboys are hooked on the NFC East by:

  1. The Cowboys also lose the Eagles

Carson Wentzhttps: // T = 1845689325 & w = 500 & quality = 80

Philadelphia Eagles (8-7)

(to the Giants)

The Eagles are hooked on the NFC East by:

  1. The eagles win or tie Ή
  2. Losing Cowboys or Tie

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T.J. Watthttps: // T = 875145719 & w = 500 & quality = 80

Pittsburgh Steelers (8-7)

(at Ravens)

The Steelers are making the playoffs by:

  1. Steelers win AND loss or tie titans Ή
  2. Steelers tie and titans loss Ή
  3. Losses of TITANS and VANS gain and ENJOY the loss or the draw or
  4. Losing Titans and Colts win and Steelers accepting Raiders in tiebreaker victory

(The Steelers will accept the Raiders with the power of tiebreaker victory if all the following teams win: Vikings, Packers, Chiefs and Dolphins.)

Derek Carrhttps: // T = 616896031 & w = 500 & quality = 80

Auckland Raiders (7-8)

(to the Broncos)

Raiders knit floating mesh with:

  1. Raiders win and losses and loss to the Titans and headbutters and winners and strikers gain tiebreaker victory over the Steelers

(The Raiders mount the power of the tiebreaker victory over the Steelers if one of the following teams wins or loses: Bears, Lions, Chargers or Patriots.)

Tom Bradyhttps: // T = -942920410 & w = 500 & quality = 80

New England Patriots (12-3)

(against dolphins)

The Patriots tighten a first round by:

  1. Patriots win or lose Ή
  2. Head loss or tie

Patrick Mahomeshttps: // T = -1318140099 & w = 500 & quality = 80

Kansas City Chiefs (11-4)

(against chargers)

The bosses validate a first round by:

  1. The leaders win the loss of the patriots

Ryan Tannehillhttps: // T = -392876858 & w = 500 & quality = 80

Tennessee Titans (8-7)

(to Texans)

The Titans are making the playoffs by:

  1. The Titans win Ή
  2. Titans tie and Steelers loss or tie Ή
  3. Steelers loss AND Colts loss or draw

NFL Playoff Picture

He was injured
Baltimore Ravens
No. 1 seed. division; play-off
New England Patriots
Division; play-off
Managers of Kansas City
Division; play-off
Houston Texas
Division; play-off
Buffalo Bills
No. 5 seeds. play-off
Tennessee Titans

In the hunt: Steelers (8-7), Raiders (7-8)

He was injured
San Francisco 49ers
Anchor in the playoff
Green Bay Packers
Division; play-off
Saints of New Orleans
Division; play-off
Philadelphia Eagles

Seattle Seahawks
Anchor in the playoff
Minnesota Vikings
No. 6 seed; play-off

In the hunt: Cowboys (7-8)

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