NFL: New York Giants QB Eli Manning not sure about future after ‘special win’

New York Giants coach Eli Manning doesn’t know what the future holds after a “special” victory over the Miami Dolphins.

Manning, 38, threw a pair of passouts as the Giants beat the Dolphins 36-20 at MetLife Stadium on Sunday.

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Possibly his last start for the Giants, Manning received a steady attack after leaving the game with less than two minutes left – New York went on to kill nine games lost.

“Obviously, I don’t know what the future is, I don’t know what’s next week, let alone down the road,” said Manning, who was replaced as a freshman by freshman Daniel Jones who started Week 3. Jones gave Manning the last two games due to an ankle sprain.

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“Obviously, the support and the fans, their spawning, shout my name from the first moment to the end, I appreciate that, I always appreciate them and all my teammates come to me, it’s a special day, a special victory and a I will remember.”

A two-time Super Bowl winner and MVP, Manning had his family present. “It’s special, I think it’s special that my kids come to watch some games,” he said.

“I don’t remember my dad (Archie) playing at all … He left when I was 4 years old and my brothers (Peyton and Cooper) have memories, they always talked about it, in the closet, around games, and I don’t remember.

“That’s why I’m trying to bring my kids as much as possible, to bring them to some games. I know my youngest son won’t remember anything, but at least we’ll have a picture to show him one day.”

“I tried not to go too emotional just because we still have a couple of football matches,” Manning continued. “I know I’ll be back on the field (December 29 against the Philadelphia Eagles). I don’t know if I’ll play that day, but I know I’ll spend at least one more time.

“However, excited, excited for the win and the honor, if he is the last one to play here, where I start and win, try to enjoy it and get it for a moment.”

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