NFL Playoff Picture: 49ers seed scenarios for NFC West, seed no. 1, wild card matches

The San Francisco 49ers (11-3) know they are heading to the NFL playoffs for the first time in six seasons. But when it comes to the picture of the playoffs and the seeding of the NFC, the last two weeks of the regular 2019 season will determine the strength or weakness of the final playoff games.

Here are all the scenarios for the 49ers depending on what’s happening in weeks 16 and 17.

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NFC Playoff Picture: How the 49ers Get the No. 1 Seed

The most realistic way to do that is to go 2-0 to close the season, beating the Rams at home and the Seahawks on the road that would put the 49ers at 13-3. Neither the Packers nor the Saints can do better than 13-3.

The 49ers have beaten both the Packers and Saints this season. That would give them a home-field advantage through Super Bowl 54. If they lose to the Rams and beat the Seahawks in Week 17, reaching 12-4, they may not be No. 1 unless the Packers and the Saints also finish 1-1 (or worse).

How the 49ers Get the Seed No. 2 or no. 3 in the NFC

This can only happen if the 49ers lose the Rams but defeat the Seahawks. Then the 49ers would be 12-4, and the Seahawks, if they were to beat the Cardinals at home in Week 16, would also end up 12-4. With the divisional records, equivalent to 4-2, they would reach the tiebreaker of common games.

Both the 49ers and Seahawks went 6-2 against the AFC North (each losing to the Ravens) and the NFC South this season, so there is no surface help there. Then it comes under the force of (unusual) victory. The 49ers will most likely win the division based on the Packers, Saints and Redskins beating the Seahawks who defeated the Vikings, Falcons and Eagles. For now, the 49ers have a three-game pad there.

If either the Packers or Saints go 1-1 or worse, then the 49ers, at 12-4, will be No. 2. If both the Packers and the Saints go 2-0 to go up 13-3 However, the 49ers will then be installed for No. 3.

Packers, Managers, Seahawks Rise; 49ers, Steelers are down for Week 16

How the 49ers Get the Seed No. 5 or no. 6 in the NFC

The 49ers will remain as a wild card team if they finish 1-1, winning the Rams but losing the Seahawks. It would be 12-4 in this scenario, and the Seahawks would be 13-3 or 12-4, either to win a division game or a heads-to-head tiebreaker.

With this route at 12-4, the 49ers would then be hoping to play seed no. 4, the weak NFC East champion, to start the playoffs. The Packers will beat NFC North just 1-1. If they go 0-2 and the Vikings win, the Packers will be 11-5 and the second wild card behind the 49ers.

If the Vikings go 1-1 to stay a wild card team, they’ll finish 11-5 again, the 49ers will be No 5. The Vikings, however, could reach 2-0 to finish 12-4 and to still settle for a wild card behind the Packers.

With the 49ers and Vikings at 12-4, both teams will have a 9-3 record. Then it’s under the tiebreaker of common toys. The 49ers would finish 2-3 in the Seahawks, Packers, Redskins and Falcons. The Vikings will end up 3-2 against the same slate. It would be the No. 5 with the 49ers falling to No. 6 if both teams are 12-4.

The worst case scenario is that the 49ers lose because the Vikings can just go 1-1 to get the No. 5 to 11-5 over them. The 49ers’ range of results is wide. They have proved capable of defeating anyone, anywhere this season, but will face a difficult road to the playoffs if they cannot recover to their strongest after losing to the Falcons in Week 15 – and not leaving their fortunes behind. hands on other good NFC teams.

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