NFL Playoff Picture: AFC, NFC rating updated for Week 15

Week 15 in the NFL has begun and with less than three weeks left in the regular 2019 season, the NFL playoff picture is almost complete based on current AFC and NFC rankings.

Here’s an up-to-date look at what every conference field will look like now, which teams are still at odds and which teams should already be thinking about the offseason:

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NFL Ranking for Week 15

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AFC playoff

Who would it be?

1. Ravens, champions, AFC North (12-2) – The Ravens had little trouble against the Jets in a win to open Week 15. They look great to secure the top seed and home game advantage in all of the AFC playoffs. now it’s a game and a half plus the head-to-head in the tiebreaker up to the Patriots with just two more games to go. Who’s left to play: at the Browns, against the Steelers

2. Patriots, first place, AFC East (10-3) – The Patriots are here after losing to the Ravens, Texans and Chiefs, the last of them at home in Week 14. The good news is that they have a very easy schedule left to secure at least that point and a first round in the playoffs, and to stay ahead of the Bills, their opponent in Week 16 at home, in the division. Who’s left to play: in Bengals, against bills, against dolphins

3. Heads, champions, AFC West (9-4) – The Chiefs won a huge road victory over the Patriots on Week 14 that rejected the division title with the Raiders losing. They put pressure on the Patriots for the No. 2 seed and made the Texans, who lost, become a stronger seed. Who’s left to play: against the Broncos, in the Bears, against the Chargers

4. Texans, first place, AFC South (8-5) -The Texans lost ground to the Ravens, who lost, and the Chiefs, a losing team, to a shock defeat at home to the Broncos in Week 14. The division game against the Titans became tighter. Houston is now only the record-breaking tiebreaker going into a 15 week matchup in Tennessee. The Texans are lucky the Colts also lost Week 14. Who’s left to play: to the Titans, to the Buccaneers, to the Titans

5. Bills, second place, AFC East (9-4) – Accounts lose by losing home to the Ravens in Week 14, but they are still well placed to win a wild card spot, either as a number 5 or as a no. 6. Take the team right behind them in Week 15, another tough opponent of the North. Who’s left to play: at the Steelers, at the Patriots, against the Jets

6. Steelers, second place, AFC North (8-5) –The Steelers stayed here after taking care of the bad Cardinals on the road in Week 14. They hold the tiebreaker over the Titans for the second wild card because of a better conference record. They can move up to No. 5 in Week 15. Who’s left to play: against accounts, in the Jets, in the Ravens

Who can get there?

7. Titans (8-5). 8. Browns (6-7); 9. Raiders (6-7); 10. Poles (6-7); 11. Broncos (5-8)

The Titans went ahead of the Colts, beating them in Indianapolis on Week 13 and then pushing the Raiders to Week 14. The Browns won to skip the losing Colts and Raiders in Week 14, but all of those teams are still long shots. The Broncos have to win and get a ton of help to get in.

Who’s out?

12. Chargers (5-8); 13. Jets (5-9); 14. Jaguars (4-9); 15. Dolphins (3-10). 16. Bengals (1-12)

The Jaguars were eliminated from the Week 14 loss to the Chargers, who were also eliminated from the Steelers’ victory. The Jets were eliminated by both the Steelers and the Titans who won, despite the Dolphins’ victory. The Dolphins were eliminated in Week 13. The Bengals are still headed to No.1 in the NFL 2020 draft.

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NFC mesh image

Who would it be?

1. 49ers, first place, NFC West (11-2) – The 49ers got another much-needed NFC victory, this time in New Orleans on Week 14, to take back the lead in the category with a full game over the Seahawks and with him the pole position at the conference. They also have a significant win over the No. 2 Packers. The section title looks like it’s coming to Week 17 in Seattle. Who’s left to play: vs. Falcons, vs. Rams, in Seahawks

2. Packers, first place, NFC North (10-3) – The Packers held the lead and head-to-head-tiebreaker monopoly over the Vikings in the division, winning the Redskins. They lost the lost Saints to No. 2 thanks to a better conference record. They still have work to do in the divorce to secure the title. Who’s left to play: against the bears, in the Vikings, in the Lions

3. Saints, Champions, NFC South (10-3) – The Saints lost a heart flap at 49 at week 14, which really hurts their chances for both the top seed and the first round. They will look to get back on track against a South Envoy AFC Spinner in Week 15 and can win with a very favorable timetable. They need the Packers to lose and hope the Seahawks, who beat them, will win the NFC West to take the number 1. Who’s left to play: against the Colts, to the Titans, to the Panthers

4. Cowboys, first place, NFC East (6-7) – The Cowboys have dropped three consecutive games, but remain in first place in Week 15 despite the 6-7 Eagles rallying to win overtime Monday night as they hold the heads-to-head tiebreaker. Without a lower card, the Cowboys will probably have to win again to win the division again, including Week 16 in Philadelphia. Who’s left to play: vs. Rams, in Eagles, vs. Redskins

5. Seahawks, second place, NFC West (10-3) – The Seahawks failed to beat the Rams in Week 14 to jump ahead of the 49ers, who hit the road. They remain here above the Vikings, who beat Week 13. They are looking at a long playoff run if they can’t beat the 49ers in Week 17 in their only difficult game. Who’s left to play: in the Panthers, vs. the Cardinals, against the 49ers

6. Vikings, second place, NFC North (9-4) The Vikings made sure to work against the lowly Lions in Week 14 to keep pace with the Packers and, just as importantly, limit the hopes of the Rams and Bears behind them in the wild-card race. But they still have to keep winning with the bad guys and the hot bears. This won’t be easy with a difficult schedule, including a Week 15 trap game. Who’s left to play: in chargers, against packers, against bears

Who can get there?

7. Wedding rings (8-5). 8. Bears (7-6). 9. Eagles (6-7)

The Rams’ win over the Seahawks brought them back to a Vikings final wild card game and is also a game and a heads-to-head tiebreaker over the Bears after beating them. The Eagles’ chances of a playoff run are to win the NFC East over the Cowboys, who will need to beat the Cowboys in Week 16.

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Who’s out?

10. Shorts (6-7). 11. Panthers (5-8). 12. Hawks (4-9); 13. Cardinals (3-9-1); 14. Lions (3-9-1); 15. Red skins (3-10). 16. Giants (2-11)

The Panthers and Redskins were eliminated from the bout with their respective losses to the Falcons and Packers in Week 14. The Lions, Falcons, Giants and Cardinals were eliminated with corresponding losses to the Bears, Saints, Packers and Rams in Week 13.

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