NFL Playoff Picture: Breaking the Seahawks Seeding Scenarios for the NFC

The Seahawks (11-4) have posted another season win with quarterback Russell Wilson and are heading to the NFC playoffs for the second consecutive year. But after the 49ers beat the Rams to improve to 12-3 last week, the Seahawks, who lost to the Cardinals, are a complete game back in the division.

Seattle, of course, hosts San Francisco in this season finale.

Below are all scenarios played for the Seahawks in the NFL playoffs for Week 17, including top seed, sectional title and NFC wild card based on Week 17 results.

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NFC Playoff Picture: How Seahawks Can Hack Number 3 Seeds

The Seahawks would beat NFC West 12-4 if they had to beat the 49ers at home on Sunday night. Because of the Cardinals loss, they would still be a game behind the Packers (13-3) and Saints (13-3), who already won Week 17.

The Seahawks would be ahead of the NFC East champions in this scenario and also host the Vikings (10-6) next week in the wild-card round.

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How Seahawks Get Seed No. 5

If the Seahawks lose to the 49ers, they will fall to the top of the wild card in the NFC, 11-5 and in a game ahead of the No. 6 Vikings, who also won.

They would then go on the road and face the weakest NFC East champion, either the Eagles or the Cowboys.

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