NFL Playoff Picture: How the Cowboys Can Still Win the NFC East vs Eagles – Or Get a Wild Card

The Cowboys (6-7) will remain in first place in the NFC East coming in Week 14 of the NFL, despite their third straight loss, 31-24 to the Bears (7-6) on Thursday night.

That’s because with three games left to play in the 2019 NFL season, they would still hold the head-to-head tiebreaker over the equally maddeningly contradictory Eagles (5-7) that host the Giants (2-10) on the night. Monday.

The Cowboys have gone from 3-0 to 3-7 in their last 10 games, putting coach Jason Garrett in the hottest positions with their owner / general manager Jerry Jones increasingly frustrated. Dallas will probably make at least the playoffs as a seed for Garrett to save his job.

Let’s see what happens last month for the Cowboys to remain in the NFL playoff picture, one way or another, for the third time in four seasons.

Jason Garrett of the Cowboys, Freddie’s of the Browns kitchens could then be fired

NFL Playoff Picture for Cowboys vs. Eagles in NFC East, Wild Card

The easiest way for the Cowboys to guarantee their place as division champs is to win. Before playing for the Eagles in Week 16, they host the Rams in Week 15. They close at home week 17 against the Redskins. In this scenario, Dallas would be 9-7 and Philadelphia would not be better than 8-8.

The rest of the Cowboys’ opponents have a combined .416 (15-21) win percentage, so it’s definitely possible. Dallas’ toughest game is against Los Angeles at home.

Say the Cowboys go 2-1, but one of the wins comes against the Eagles. It would split the Champs at 8-8 due to the season sweep series.

Say the Cowboys go 2-1 to get to 8-8, but they don’t beat the Eagles. The Eagles could easily go 3-0 in their three other games against the Giants (twice) and the Redskins and then are 9-7 against the Champs. But if either the Giants or the Redskins beat the Eagles, as are the 8-8, the Cowboys would win the division with a 5-1 senior record against 4-2.

Regarding returning to a wild card, this would require a little miracle. If the Cowboys go 3-0, they are division champions, so it would not be a factor. If the Cowboys get 2-1, beating the 7-5 Rams but losing to the Eagles, it would be 8-8.

Because the Cowboys lost to the Vikings, the Vikings lost and fell to 8-8 would not be enough. They also need the Rams to go 1-3 to finish 8-8 to create a three-dimensional tie. In this scenario, the Cowboys would go over the Vikings and the Rams having the best conference record, 7-5 against 6-6.

However, you can throw it away unless the Cowboys get a lot of help against the Eagles, Vikings and Rams, winning Week 16 de facto NFC East game title is their only realistic and legitimate trail left in the playoffs.

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