NFL Playoff Picture: How the Cowboys or Eagles Can Fix the NFC East in the Last Two Weeks

The NFC East is the worst part of the NFL, but it will still have a playoff team – either the Cowboys or the Eagles – when the 2019 regular season is said to end in two more weeks.

Both Dallas (7-7) and Philadelphia (7-7) won last week to remain in a virtual tie for the division lead. The Cowboys have the slight edge thanks to a 37-10 win over the Eagles in Week 7, heading into Sunday’s 16th week in Philadelphia.

Updated AFC and NFC rankings for Week 16

NFC East winner to enter playoff with seed no. 4 and host a wild card game, probably against the tough West NFC runner, either the 49ers or the Seahawks.

Here’s a breakdown of how the Cowboys or Eagles can win a second-division title in three seasons.

How the Cowboys Win the NFC East

They beat the Eagles on week 16. .

This is the easiest and most likely way to get into the playoffs. The Cowboys will improve to 8-7 and complete an Eagles season, falling to 7-8. The Cowboys would keep the head-to-head tiebreaker to repeat as division champions no matter what happens to both teams in Week 17.

. . . or lose to the Eagles, but defeat the Redskins while the Eagles lose to the Giants on Week 17.

In this scenario, both teams would finish 8-8. The Cowboys will go on to set a top division record, 5-1 versus 4-2 for the Eagles.

Since the Eagles have simply struggled to beat the Giants and Redskins in consecutive games, this scenario cannot be ruled out.

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How the Eagles win the NFC East

They beat the Cowboys in Week 16 and the Giants in Week 17. .

The Eagles have a bit more control of the division than the Cowboys. Despite all the fights for offense and defense and injuries, everything is in front of the team to turn a season of frustration into a justification.

. . . or beat the Cowboys in Week 16, lose to the Giants and lose the Cowboys to the Redskins in Week 17.

The Eagles can’t go 1-1 in the next two weeks and get into the playoffs. If they lose with the Cowboys, they will be eliminated.

If they lose to the Giants, they will need some incredible help from the Redskins to win the division.

Either the Cowboys or the Eagles can be a dangerous playoff team if they qualify. Unlike last season, there is room for only one in the NFC tournament.

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