LATEST NEWS NFL Playoff Picture: Updated AFC NFC Scores for Week...

NFL Playoff Picture: Updated AFC NFC Scores for Week 14


Week 14 kicked off in the NFL and with less than four weeks left in the regular 2019 season, the NFL’s playoff picture is fast-paced based on current AFC and NFC rankings.

Here’s an up-to-date look at what every conference field will look like now, which teams are still at odds and which teams should already be thinking about the offseason:

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NFL Rankings for Week 14

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AFC playoff

Who would it be?

1. Ravens, first place, AFC North (10-2) – The Ravens play as the best team in the NFL. They jumped on the Patriots for the top seed with a 13-week win over the 49ers and a New England loss to the Texans in Houston, thanks to a convincing head tie. They run away with the division, three games against the Steelers and four games against the Browns. Next: in accounts

2. Patriots, first place, AFC East (10-2) – The Patriots fell here after losing to the Texans in Week 13. They have now lost two of their four games to the tougher stretch of their schedule. They do not have the luxury of losing much to the AFC teams, otherwise they will be playing with fire and putting a first round at stake. Next: against the leaders

3. Texans, first place, AFC South (8-4) The Texans finally cleared the Patriots’ roster in the best time of week 13. They kept this seed over the Chiefs and maintained a one-game lead in the division over the Titans, who still have to play twice. Next: against the Broncos

4. Heads, first, AFC West (8-4) The Chiefs interrupted the Raiders on Week 13, but could not move, as the Texans, who were beaten earlier this season, recalled the Patriots on Sunday night. The Chiefs are taking their own New England test this week. Next: to the Patriots

5. Bills, second place, AFC East (9-3) – Bills have a strong place in the top wild-card position as they continue to benefit from a favorable schedule. The big win on Dallas on Thanksgiving was a huge one ahead of a tougher final month. They will continue to push the Patriots into the division. Next: at the Ravens

6. Steelers, second place, AFC North (7-5) – The Steelers stayed here after taking care of the Browns at home week 13 to break up their turn. They keep the tiebreaker above the Titans for a better conference record. Next: to the Cardinals

Who can get there?

7. Titans (7-5). 8. Raiders (6-6). 9. Trousers (6-6). 10. Browns (5-7)

The Titans jumped in front of the Coteluses, beating them in Indianapolis. The Raiders failed to keep up with the Titans, losing to the Chiefs and the Steelers pulled the Browns down.

Who’s on the road?

11. Jaguars (4-8); 12. Broncos (4-8); 13. Chargers (4-8); 14. Jet (4-8)

The Steelers and the Titans, who reach seven wins, are hurting their chances. The Jaguars and Jets suffered bad losses in Week 13, and the Chargers lost to the Broncos.

Who’s out?

15. Dolphins (3-9); 16. Bengals (1-11)

The Dolphins were eliminated on Sunday despite their victory over the Eagles. The Bengals can’t do better than five wins, which is not good enough. It’s bad enough now, despite a single win over the Jets in Week 13, to secure the top pick in the NFL 2020 draft.

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NFC mesh image

Who would it be?

1. Saints, Champions, NFC South (10-2) – The Saints completed the division title, winning the Falcons in Thanksgiving. They got the 49ers to lose and the Seahawks that won Week 13 to jump to No. 1 because they keep the heads-to-head tiebreaker over Seattle, the new NFC West leader. New Orleans may still sink San Francisco in Week 14. Next: against the 49ers

2. Seahawks, first place, NFC West (10-2) – The Seahawks beat the Vikings to close out Week 13 to jump from No. 5. They keep the heads-to-head tiebreaker over the 49ers after beating them Monday night. They cannot give up if they want to catch the Saints and stay ahead of the 49ers. Next: in Rams

3. Packers, first place, NFC North (9-3) – The Packers recovered from their loss to the 49ers in Week 12 by deleting the Giants on the road in Week 13. They found the Vikings to lose Monday night to boost their lead to a full game in the league. Next: against the Redskins

4. Cowboys, first place, NFC East (6-7) – The Cowboys have dropped three in a row after losing to the Bears to open Week 14, but will remain at No. 15 in Week 15 regardless of what the 5-7 Eagles do Monday night as they keep head-to-head. If there is no real shot at the wild card, the Cowboys will probably have to win out to win the division again, including Week 16 at the Eagles. Next: vs. Rams

5. 49ers, second place, NFC West (10-2) – The 49ers lost a divorce game to the Ravens in Week 13 for their second defeat of the season. They fell out of first place with the Seahawks beating the Vikings. San Francisco must beat New Orleans in Week 14, or risk being on the road for the playoffs. Next: to the Saints

6. Vikings, second place, NFC North (8-4) – The Vikings stay here after losing to the Seahawks in Week 13. It’s now a complete game and heads to the tiebreaker behind the Packers in the division. It’s just a game up on the Rams for this second wild-card position. Next: against the Lions

Who can get there?

7. Wedding rings (7-5); 8. Bears (7-6). 9. Eagles (5-7). 10. Shorts (5-7). 11. Panthers (5-7)

The Thieves returned to the Racecourse with a win over the Cardinals in Week 13 .. The Bears opened Week 14 with a big win over the Cowboys, but need the Rams, who lost, to lose twice as much before they can think about expulsion of the Vikings. The Eagles hurt their NFC East chances with a bad loss in Week 13, but the Cowboys continue to lose to help them stay alive and well.

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Who’s on the road?

14. Red skins (3-9)

The Redskins remained alive in the NFC East race with a Panthers win and loss to the Eagles and Cowboys, but remain a very long shot in the division, unlikely to win by the Packers, Eagles, Giants and Cowboys.

Who’s out?

12. Lions (3-8-1); 13. Cardinals (3-8-1); 15. Hawks (3-9); 16. Giants (2-10)

The Lions and Hawks were eliminated with their respective losses to the Bears and the Saints to Thanksgiving. The Giants and Cardinals were eliminated with their respective losses to the Packers and Rams on Sunday of the week.

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