NFL Playoffs, Anti-Spread Predictions: Patriots Dressed Titans, Saints Vikings in Wild Card Games

The NFL 2020 playoffs are here. After 256 game selections for the 2019 regular season, there are only 11 more spread options and predictions ahead of the Super Bowl 54.

After a difficult slot of games last week, there are only four games to be predicted for the wild card weekend. This means 12 less chances of getting the games wrong, but also 12 less chances of getting the games right.

Well, here’s our latest impassioned prediction of the upcoming NFL results. All odds are courtesy of

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NFL playoff picks, anti-spread predictions for wild card games

Josh Allenhttps: // T = -1375060986 & w = 500 & quality = 80

  • Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans (-3)

Saturday, 4:35 pm ET, ESPN

Bills are a bad combination for Texans. They have a rushing edge that Deshaun Watson can chase and a cornerback on Tre’Davious White that may contain DeAndre Hopkins. They also have two receivers that can burn the Texans small and deep with Cole Beasley and John Brown.

Josh Allen will be sure to play with his hands and feet and get help from resting protagonist Devin Singletary in the traditional running game. For the second consecutive year, the Texas will lose at home to the playoffs as weak division champions.

Choose: Accounts win 24-17.

Tom Brady and N’Keal Harryhttps: // T = 593278159 & w = 500 & quality = 80

  • Tennessee Titles in New England Patriots (-4 1/2)

Saturday, 8:15 pm ET, CBS

The Titans aren’t the easiest opening opponent for the Patriots to open the playoffs. Derrick Henry is tough to stop even when teams commit to doing so because of the Titans’ strong blocking. Stephon Gilmore, coming from a rough cover outside DeVante Parker, draws on the durability and speed of wide receiver A.J. Brown. Ryan Tannehill is also no stranger to dealing with patriots.

The problem will be the defense of the Titans. Expect Tom Brady to perform the classic short and mid-game well and finish those moves in the red zone. The Patriots could give up some decks for Henry and Brown, but they will tighten to limit most of the damage to the goals of the fight. New England’s defense will also impose a key turnover or two from Tannehill.

Choose: The Patriots win 27-23 but don’t cover the spread.

Drew Breeshttps: // T = 303412735 & w = 500 & quality = 80

  • Minnesota Vikings in New Orleans Saints (-8)

Sunday, 1:05 pm ET, Fox

The Vikings are probably a bad match for the Saints, so the big numbers against them. The Saints stop running well even with their defensive injuries ahead, and the Vikings offense is based on getting Dalvin Cook to help Kirk Cousins ​​pass the game. And we all know that Cousins ​​is not known as a big-play QB.

The Vikings also can’t stop Michael Thomas and the Saints receivers anywhere in the race, with Drew Brees confidently and accurately trusting the ball. Alvin Kamara’s speed will cause problems for the Vikings’ linebackers. Marshon Lattimore will include Stefon Diggs to make sure there is no Minneapolis Miracle in New Orleans, making this Big Easy victory for his team.

Choose: The Saints win 27-17 and cover the spread.

Russell Wilsonhttps: // T = 1478250223 & w = 500 & quality = 80

  • Seattle Seahawks (-1 1/2) at Philadelphia Eagles

Sunday, 4:40 pm ET, NBC

The Seahawks won the 12-week event in Philadelphia, 17-9. This game was arrogant for both offenses, with the difference being a 58-yard touchdown run by Rashaad Penny. The Seahawks will be without Penny and Chris Carson against a good defense of the Power Eagles. The Eagles offense is limited to goals that can make the Seahawks’ defensive sweat down, especially if Zach Ertz can’t play. It will also be difficult for the Eagles to run in Seattle.

This will be found where the general, Russell Wilson or Carson Wentz, can better improvise their standard clutch packages when there seems to be nothing in the fourth quarter. Wilson has some more reliable weapons and the Eagles defense is pretty weak for him in the back. The Seahawks will continue their good history on the East Coast under Pete Carroll.

Choose: The Seahawks win 20-17 and cover the spread.

Statistics of the week:
Week 17 records straight: 11-5
Week 17 records against spread: 7-9
Record straight season: 170-85
Recording Anti-Spread Period: 134-113
Twists of the Week: 8-8
Locks of the week: 9-7

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