NFL Power Rankings: 49ers, Eagles, Raiders Shoot Up; Seahawks, Steelers, Cowboys slide for Week 17

Week 17 of the NFL season is here. This means that all the teams in the league get one more game to show how they stack up for each other for 2019.

In the latest trends of Sporting News before the playoffs, there is another near-top shake based on last week’s game results. With a few more twists, the middle and bottom have some other major changes.

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Where does your favorite team stay or fall in the last week? No mistake, here is the latest look at the NFL power structure, from No. 1 to No. 32.

NFL power rankings

1. Baltimore Ravens, 13-2 (previous ranking: 1)

The Ravens stayed hot and made 11 wins overall, beating the Browns who eventually beat them. Since Baltimore plays its key players in Week 17, it may not lose again until next season as its favorite Super Bowl. Congratulations to Lamar Jackson on the MVP season.

2. San Francisco 49ers, 12-3 (5)

The 49ers made the big plays needed to overcome the Rams and eliminate key NFC champions. They quickly regained control of NFC West and returned the momentum needed for the NFC team to win.

3. New Orleans Saints, 12-3 (6)

The Saints traveled to Nashville and, after a slow start, activated the post-burners with records of Drew Brees and Michael Thomas, as well as a welcome return to Alvin Kamara’s explosiveness. They have the opportunity to put them together and finish the run of the Super Bowl that they couldn’t finish last season.

4. Kansas City Managers, 11-4 (3)

The Chiefs also look like they want to wrap up the unfinished business by playing their conference championship before a season. Patrick Mahomes and the goalkeeper have a lot to do with the shades of the game as the defense starts to match.

5. New England Patriots, 12-3 (7)

The Patriots go, studying other things offensively while still dominating the defense and special teams. Everyone should know by now not to write them until the time in a playoff game is over.

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6. Green Bay Packers, 11-3 (2)

The Packers have to keep up with the heavyweights when they take the field against the Vikings on Monday night. They have the playoffs floating by hand and will now try to make a statement to close the Vikings division door.

7. Seattle Seahawks, 11-4 (4)

The Seahawks went home against the Cardinals to hurt their chances of staying home in the playoffs. They are now injured by injuries and are entering a rematch with the 49ers with less confidence.

8. Buffalo Bills, 10-5 (8)

The accounts fought hard and played well in New England, but for the second time this season, they couldn’t produce enough offense and made the biggest mistakes. It’s a strong playoff team, still learning how to win, and all the money goes to Sean McDermott and his staff.

9. Minnesota Vikings, 10-4 (9)

The Vikings don’t want to be forgotten in the NFC playoffs with their perforated ticket. Like the Packers, they can go out to really throw their helmet into the ring of the NFC championship.

10. Houston Texans, 10-5 (10)

The Texans were suspicious of the Buccaneers and left with it because their opponent was even sloppier. Houston had some highs, like the win over Kansas City and New England, but after last season, the Texans need to get back to the playoffs in Week 17.

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11. Philadelphia Eagles, 8-7 (16)

The Eagles fly to the top after dominating the Cowboys in the biggest game of the season, while continuing to show more creative football. Doug Pederson did another great job in December.

12. Los Angeles Rams, 8-7 (14)

Thieves have to be frustrated by the fact that the playoffs are ignored, because while offense and defense sometimes looked like at times, there was too much inconsistency for Sean McVay’s team. Expect a workout / personal shake in the offseason.

13. Tennessee Titans, 8-7 (12)

The Titans are somehow positioned to make the playoffs despite their bad second half against the Saints. Tennessee has impressed aggressively with Ryan Tannehill, even without Derrick Henry, to offset his defensive performance. Mike Vrabel did another underrated coaching job.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers, 8-7 (13)

Mike Tomlin and the defense have kept the Steelers on the hunt for as long as possible, but things have begun to wrap up with the ineffective general going up between Mason Rudolph and Devlin Hodges. It is difficult to overcome such aggressive clutter in the modern NFL.

15. Dallas Cowboys, 7-8 (11)

What was that? We understand Dallas’ defensive play at key moments, but the high potential pass rush left the team down in Philadelphia. Jason Garrett probably sealed his own fate with his elusive run to date.

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16. Oakland Raiders, 7-8 (19)

The Raiders are still alive in the NFL’s playoff picture as Jon Gruden continues to fight them to fight their final race for Oakland. They’ve filled more staff holes than most will think in 2019, and bring some good momentum to Las Vegas.

17. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 7-8 (15)

The Bucs have made a lot of improvements offensively with Bruce Arians and Byron Leftwich this season, but their biggest steps may have come in defensive tackle Todd Bowles and some good 3-4 staff, young and old. Watch out for the Bucs next year with James Winston likely to return and reduce his mistakes.

18. Indianapolis Colts, 7-8 (20)

The Colts did as much as they could without Andrew Luck this season, as injuries damaged what they could have with Jacoby Brissett. Their transition. 500 would be great.

19. Chicago Bears, 7-8 (17)

The Bears have not improved Mitchell Trubiskus enough aggressively to match their natural defensive backs this season. Matt Nagy and Trubisky should be safe as a QB 2020 combination.

20. Atlanta Falcons, 6-9 (21)

The French are still struggling to prove that Dan Quinn should remain their coach. The defensive rebound was strong and the offense fits it with a more natural identity under the stretch.

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21. Cleveland Browns, 6-9 (18)

The Browns have made their promise this season with consistent malfunction, leading to misleading inconsistency despite their talent level. There were too many precipitations to continue with the Freddie kitchens.

22. Denver Broncos, 6-9 (22)

Drew Lock assists the Broncos’ first season in Vic Fangio’s first win, which makes us wonder how things would turn out if the rookie was healthy and started for a full season. We can see it in 2020.

23. New York Jets, 6-9 (24)

The Jets probably did too late this season to buy Adam Gase and Gregg Williams a pass in 2020. One would never know how their season would play if Sam Darnold didn’t try to make up for lost time with the mono.

24. Los Angeles Chargers, 5-10 (23)

The truckers’ journey continues as they lead seven games in the rankings from last season. Some of their struggles were linked to injuries, but more to Philip Rivers’ inefficiency and inconsistency. They have a tough QB decision to make but they have to stick with Anthony Lynn.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars, 5-10 (25)

The Jaguars had to clear a mess in the front office to save someone. Gardner Minshew was a highlight of this season until they decided to destroy the magic momentum and reinstall Nick Foles. Things have gone downhill since Minshew couldn’t find his mosaic must.

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26. Carolina Panthers, 5-10 (26)

Against an exhausted Colts defense, the Panthers saw rookie QB Will Grier as shocked and not a true answer to Kyle Allen. They either have to figure things out with Cam Newton or move on to a real new QB franchise with their new coach.

27. Arizona Cardinals, 5-9-1 (27)

The Cardinals are on something with Sir Murray, Kenyan Drake and Cliff Kingsbury. Their defense also shows some late-season fighting under Vance Joseph. This is a much better situation going forward than with the previous coaching staff.

28. New York Giants, 4-11 (29)

The Giants didn’t think of next year’s plan when they put Daniel Jones back. The first championship of 2019 quickly reminded them that they are guardians and will be a key part as they try to win big again. Given the state of the NFC East, this could come as early as next season if the Giants add some defensive pieces.

29. Miami Dolphins, 4-11 (31)

The Dolphins knew that 2019 would be a trial period as they rebuilt. As the youth movement continues, the combination of veterans Ryan Fitzpatrick and DeVante Parker has made them more than respectable.

30. Detroit Lions, 3-11-1 (28)

Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn have been put off due to an injury bug that resulted in the bite of Matthew Stafford during QB’s best season. It is difficult for anyone to compete when forced to play a rookie late.

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31. Washington Redskins, 3-12 (30)

The Redskins didn’t give up and showed their fight with both Dwayne Haskins and the Keenum case. Bill Callahan will not get the long-term job, but he has done everything he can, with little control of injury-related defenses.

32. Cincinnati Bengals, 1-14 (32)

The Bengals did their best to bring the dolphins back to Joe Burrow’s draws. It was no surprise that today’s underestimated general, Andy Dalton, was the one who made the last fiery saliva to save his regime.

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