NFL teams with COVID-19 outbreaks among the unvaccinated players can lose games this season

NFL teams with    COVID-19 outbreaks among the unvaccinated players can lose games this season

The Denver Broncos had to play without theirs quarterback in a game against the New Orleans Saints in November. Kendall Hinton (center) took a step in how quarterback. Normally it is a wide receiver but also played QB in University.

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For the most part up-to date news And information on the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO And Center for Disease Prevention and Control sites web.

An outbreak of COVID-19 among the unvaccinated players in the NFL next season could result in an automatic loss and have huge implications on which football teams do it to the playoffs and the Super Bowl. This is according to an NFL memo that was reportedly sent to everyone teams Thursday and first shared with social media by NFL network reporter Tom Pelissero.

“If one game it cannot be rescheduled by current 18 weeks schedule and is canceled due to a Covid outbreak among the unvaccinated players on one of the competitor teams, the club with the epidemic will lose the competition “, reads the memo.

In addition to getting an automatic loss, the team want also be forced to pay more financial sanctions.

NFL reps did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

it’s less clear from the memo what happens in the event of an outbreak among the vaccinated players, or something like that of mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated players.

“If one club He can not play due to a COVID spike in vaccinated individuals, we will try to minimize the competitive and economic burden on both participants teams, “the memo reads.

The NFL has already announced is adding an 18th week at his league schedule this season, with every team playing a total of 17 regular, not playoffs games for the first time. The note emphasizes the league it does not include the addition of a 19th week to allow for rescheduling games.

The policy appears to be a way for force widespread vaccination of players without absolutely requesting it.

The previous season saw a number of strange and unprecedented scenarios due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most games have been played in stadiums that were empty or frequented by just a few thousand social distance fans. Several games they were rescheduled due to outbreaks, but none were canceled and no team he was forced to give up.

There were some quirks, however games and misalignments that may also have been backward due to the individual players having to sit them down out due to epidemics. In particular, the The Denver Broncos easily lost to the New Orleans Saints in a game in that’s all of ai quarterback of the Broncos were forbidden to go down in field. A practice team player was raised to play the role, and there was a smattering of it of direct shots to running back.

The strategy was unsuccessful and Denver lost 31-3. This year it seems teams might be forced to avoid tale humiliation and just take the L automatically.

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